Moulana Khalid Dhorat

It seems nowadays that gays are the only ones who are expert in hair styling and makeup! Everyone else seems to have become redundant. And this seems to be the latest craze that has gripped our Muslim women!!

And before anyone jumps up and start accusing me of being jealous or close minded, let me remind you that I’m not in the beauty industry to be jealous of anyone. Nor am I close minded in this issue because there is nothing that can be more open minded than pure Islam. A burning desire to safeguard the imaan (faith), chastity and morality of the ummah is what drives me to pen these and other articles, even if Muslims dislike it.

What is it that make gays – whether Muslim or non-Muslim – attractive to Muslims? Their effeminate walk, absurd postures, gentle touch, smooth skin, or alluring speech? Is it the fact that these gays are gentle with women, speak kindly to them and treat them with respect?

Well these are not good enough reasons to patronize gay beautician and makeup artists. If the above qualities seem attractive to you, then aren’t their cursed lifestyle, immoral sexual orientation and shameless value system unattractive to you and to Allah Ta’ala? Since when have Muslims become the representatives of the devil and westernization to start regarding gays as normal?

Today, the gay culture has become a religion. No western movie, magazine or even a soapie does not feature these cursed homosexuals as leading perfectly normal lifestyles in a depraved society or in a happy civil union. Yesterday, homosexuals were afraid of coming out of their closets, today people are regarding them as the epitome of style and culture!!

Astaghfirullah, we have been so long in the sewer that we can’t smell the faeces anymore!!

Does our imaan permit us to associate with people who wanted defile the honoured guests and chaste daughters of Sayyadina Lut (Alaihis Salaam), and upon whom a rain of fire fell? Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan and see the remnants of these accursed people. No living organism can survive in the Dead Sea, similarly, no Muslim can respect or honour a homosexual. The best place for a gay is under the umbrella of Allah’s wrath. Should Muslims be standing under the same umbrella?

Gays are not allowed to see, touch or feel any Muslimah. And makeup and hairdo are not life-threatening medical operations that if a gay does not perform them, you will die. Also, there is no such a thing as a “Muslim gay”. Homosexuals who have taken to the gay culture are murtadd and out of the fold of Islam. If you value what is supposed to be the most precious thing in Allah’s sight, your imaan, you will not stand being 100 kms away from a filthy homosexual, never mind allowing him to beautify you.

Do you want to sport homosexual artwork on your face and hair? Have some of our Muslimahs reached this level of degradation?

Let’s stop making excuses for our wrong choices and wayward behaviour. There is still time to repent and turn towards Allah before we enter our graves.

Remember, a makeup session at a gay parlour is nothing more than a makeup session for your abode in hell. Choose wisely whether you want to adorn your Jannat (paradise) with lovely flowers, food and palaces, or your Jahannum (hellfire) with boiling water, thorns and pain.