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Husband Abuse



Dear wife,


ɪ̇Ƒ u refuse to sleep with ur husband without a valid reason,

That’s abuse!!!!


ɪ̇Ƒ u tell him he doesn’t earn enough,

That’s abuse!


ɪ̇Ƒ u constantly compare him to others,

That’s abuse!!!!


ɪ̇Ƒ u’ve had c∕̴Ɩn argument or for no valid reason, u ask for talaaq/ divorce ,

That’s abuse!!!!!


ɪ̇Ƒ he sends u c∕̴Ɩ message on ur fone,

& u don’t reply after reading it,

That’s abuse !!!!


ɪ̇Ƒ he’s really trying his best to provide for u & the children & u never show happiness & appreciation,

That’s abuse!!!!


ɪ̇Ƒ u complain he’s never good enough,degrade him, swear at him,

That’s abuse!!


ɪ̇Ƒ u keep picking on his past mistakes,

That’s abuse!!!


Respect ur husband

    L♡ve & appreciate all that he does


When you deny him his rights without c∕̴Ɩ valid reason, then remember that the angels curse you.


Ur husband is the cause of you entering Paradise ɪ̇Ƒ u fulfil his rights & the cause of ur entering Hell if u fall short in that.


Abu Hurayrah (radiallaahu anhu ) said: The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

  “If a woman prays her five (daily

    prayers), fasts her month

  (Ramadaan), guards her chastity

    & obeys her husband, it will be said

    to her: ‘Enter Paradise ƒrσм

    whichever of the gates of Paradise

    you wish.’”

(Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 660)


To create love between Husband & Wife


Wa-min aayaatihi an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwajal litas kunoo ilayaha waja’ala baynakum mawaddatauw warahmah, inna fee thalika la-aayaatil liqawmie yatafakkaroon


And among His signs is this, that He ceated for you wives from among yourselves,that you may find repose in them , and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily , in that are the signs for a people who reflect. Surah 30 verse 21

Who is a man?


A man is a beautiful part of Allah’s creation,  who starts compromising at a very tender age


He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister


He sacrifices his dreams just for a smile on his parents face


He sacrifices his full youth for his wife and his children by working late at night without any complains


He builds their future by taking loans from banks & repaying them for a lifetime


He struggles alot and still has to bear scolding from his mother,  wife and boss


His life finally ends up only by compromising for other’s happiness


If he does any of the next, then society says the following:


If he goes out, then he is careless


If he stays at home, then he is lazy


If he scolds his children, then he is monster


If he doesn’t scold,  then he is a irresponsible guy


If he stops his wife from working, then he is an insecure guy


If he doesn’t stop his from working, then he is someone who lives off his wife’s earnings


If he listens to his mom, then he is a mama’s boy


If he listens to his wife, then he is his wife’s slave




Respect every Man in your life, You will never know what he has sacrificed for you




RasulAllah (salAllahu alaihi wasalam) said: “Shall I inform you which woman will enter Paradise?”

The Sahaba (radiAllahu anhum) replied: “Yes, most certainly.”

RasulAllah (salAllahu alaihi wasalam) said, “The woman who has children, is lovable, when she becomes angry the husband consoles her, and when the husband becomes angry she says that as long as you do not become pleased with me, I will not even apply surmah (antimony) to my eyes.” [Tibrani]


The love between husband and wife offends Shaytaan more than anything else.


If husbands and wives are to care for each other and try to keep the environment of the house as peaceful and loving as possible, every Muslim house can become a model of Jannah. All kinds of quarrels will cease and the misfortune of divorce will not prevail. Children brought up in such environments will be an example of piety, discipline, love and sympathy.


May Allah make every Muslim house a model of Jannah.


If the hearts of both spouses are united, there can be no greater bounty, and if there are differences between them (Allah forbid), there can be no greater calamity.

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