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Jamiat KZN Skills Workshop Update




Graduate from Umlazi:

She joined the class to become empowered and with the hope of getting a sewing machine as it was her mother’s dream to own a sewing machine but she could never afford it.

She has now teamed up with her mother and is doing very well sewing traditional outfits.

She is now assisting her husband with the financial responsibilities of the home, as he does not earn enough.


Graduate from Mayville:

She is a single mom and with the skills she has acquired is making shopping bags to earn an income.


Graduate from Clare Estate:

Her husband is a foreigner and has been imprisoned for not renewing his permit.

Her sewing skills is helping her through this crisis, as she is sewing linen and selling.

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Graduate from Chatsworth:

She is now able to earn an income by doing alterations on garments.


Graduate from Pinetown:

She is a single mom and because of the skills programme was able to join a group of women in her community that are sewing school uniforms.


Graduate from Berea:

She is a single mom with two daughters.

She is making burkhas, which are being sold in Zambia.


Graduate from Durban CBD:

She managed to find permanent employment and does alterations for people on weekends.

She is now able to pay for her brother’s education in Somalia.


Graduate from Durban CBD:

She is from Somalia and has started sewing garments for her own family, which she says saves her money, as she does not have to worry about the extra cost of buying clothing for her family.


Graduate from Durban CBD:

She is an asylum seeker from Burundi and has secured a job in a clothing factory.

She is also sewing garments for people on weekends.


Kindly note that the graduates’ names have been omitted for privacy reasons, however their areas of residence have been mentioned so that you are encouraged to support them if you have need of their services.  The graduates’ contact details can be obtained from our office.

We make dua that Allah Ta’ala removes all their difficulties, grants them easy sustenance, Barakah in their Rizq and strengthen them in their Deen through their Dunyah.  Aameen.


If you wish to donate towards this noble project, kindly note our banking details below:

Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Lillah Projects)

FNB Umgeni Junction (200913)

Account Number: 5089 1141 828

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