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JUKZN Moon Sighting Committee Report 2021


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu


The Durban Central Hilaal Committee regularly attempts sighting at the Soofie Bhaijaan Musjid, 45th Intersection, Sherwood, Durban.  Approximately 8~10  Ulama & Brothers members meet every month for sighting.

Sighting reports are coordinated with UUCSA via telephone, teleconference or group messaging. Regular communication takes place with officials of the Maankykers (Imam Yusuf Pandy) Once an UUCSA decision has been taken, SMS notifications are sent out to the Ulama and Hilaal lists.

Publications of the JUKZN Hilaal Committee:

  • Monthly calendar issued on the 1st of every Islamic month.
  • Predictive yearly calendar issued every year (based on the expected visibility of the Hilaal). This is a convenient format where all the important dates for the year are shown on one calendar.2021 issued and 2022 has been prepared.
  • A table of Significant Islamic Dates for the next few years (and alternate dates).
  • Ramadhaan Time Tables  for more than 400 Southern African cities were placed  onto the Jamiat Website from the  past Ramadhaan. Ramadhaan 1443 Time tables are currently being drafted.
  • Perpetual Salaah  Times for more than 400 Southern African towns/cities were also placed  onto the website.  Cities/town are being continuously added to the list.
  • Perpetual Salaah times for approximately 30 cities/towns in Zambia have been prepared for the Darul Iftaa Zambia, and made available on their web site.

         Hilaal Training Workshops:  
The Poster shown below is being held at Darul Ulooms and Masaajid which have been requesting it.

Darul Ulooms – Institutions & Masaajid where the workshops had been conducted:

In’aamiya (Camperdown) –

Hillgrove Musjid
Tarteelul Qur’an (PMB)  –

Westville Jumu’ah Musjid
Darul Ifta Mahmoodiya (Sherwood)
Nu’maniya (Chatsworth)
Hamidiyya (Overport) –

Quwwatul Islam Musjid Shallcross
Musjidun Noor Stanger
Quwwatul Islam Jami Musjid Verulam

And in 2020/2021:
Isipingo Beach Jame Musjid

Darul Ifta Mahmoodiya (3rd Session)

Northern Cape Ulama (Kimberley)

In’aamiya Camperdown(2nd session)

Alhamdulillah ,Effort has been made to set up sighting teams in all the localities visited.

The workshop has been very well received, with the Asaatiza  of the Institutions benefiting, as well as the Talabaa. Requests have been received from other institutions for this workshop (and from other provinces as well). Insha-Allah, outlying areas will be covered.

The training material is constantly being revised and expanded. A booklet covering the whole presentation has been requested, and this still need to be worked on.

We humbly request Ulama Kiraam to train & educate others and be vigilant during sighting evenings inshaAllah.

Jazakallah wassalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

On behalf

JUKZN Hilaal Committee

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