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*Keeping up with the Kareems …*

Sister Naadira

His brother just bought a beautiful sea facing villa in a fancy neighbourhood.The exquisite interior design was done by a renowned French interior designer. This however sends his wife into a complete frenzy. She now wants her husband to sell their holiday flat at the beachfront as well as their spare car and take a bond in order to buy an equally plush house in the same neighbourhood as her brother in law but not too close it has to be on the upper Ridge, she wants a better view of the ocean than they have just so she can *keep up with the Kareems.*

Her cousin left on a long awaited family vacation to the Maldives. She sees their picture perfect smiles plastered all over social media. This cannot be happening as she sits at home doing her daily chores. She starts nagging at her husband as soon as he arrives from work, insulting and belittling him for never ever taking her anywhere nice. She compels him to use the money he has been saving for Haj to book a flight to Mauritius just so she can *keep up with the Kareems.*

His friend just drove past him in an all new black Mercedes Benz. It has been over five years since he purchased a car this makes him feel like a failure so he stops at his bank to get his vehicle loan approved even though the interest rate is at a all time high and he does not have that extra income yet he has to *keep up with the Kareems.*

She watches her nephews face light up as his parents gift him keys to a holiday flat at the beachfront for his 21st birthday. She is not going to let her son down as his 23rd birthday is around the corner although they cannot afford to buy him a flat so she borrows enough money from her parents, ignoring her husbands stern disapproval, in order to buy him a small car even though he already had one. She has to *keep up with the Kareems.*

The pressure of *Keeping up with the Kareems* has caused alot of hearts and homes to shatter and break. There will always be a house that is more beautiful than yours, a car that is a later model than yours, a gift that is more expensive than you can afford and people that are in leagues above you in terms of material wealth. As much as we try to outshine and out do one another in this temporary world we will never succeed as everything and everyone has an expiry date.
Be content with what Allah has gifted you as in that lies your happiness. Always observe people who have much less than you and the beautiful light of gratefulness shall illuminate your life.

Try keeping up with your Salaah, zikr, recitation of the Quraan and improving your akhlaaq rather than *keeping up with the Kareems.*

*P.S : To all those named Kareem this was not intended to cause you any harm* ..

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