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Posted this quite a while back,its extremely vital to understand this cult these days so we can gauge ourselves and soul search with regards to how much we have lost the plot.

When there is talk of the revolutions of the past, apart from a scanty few, the cognitive processors of many would immediately switch of and ghastly thoughts of boring history lessons would on impulse storm the mind.
Fortunate enough this ain’t some lesson of some historic landmark or occasion; rather it’s with regards to what we live in, something that affects the way we think, our values and what matters to us.

If we had ever asked our grandparents or even parents regarding their heydays one would most defiantly find them reminiscing over the fact that their entire family slept in one big open platform, how that shopping spree only took place on the occasion of Eid or when the season demanded and even that set of clothing that was passed on from generation to generation would miraculously emerge from the dens of the bottom of the closet.
Hearing these stories which seem more like a fairytale to us we sit wide-eyed in amazement of how on earth people lived that way and how impractical it would be in today’s era, most often than not we’d reach the end of “times have really changed” and that would be the end of that warm discussion until the next occasion that Eskom cuts the lights.
However it is more than that, it is important to understand exactly under what pretexts these changes took place so that we wouldn’t be the type of blind sheep that just moves with the tide. It’s important to note the fundamental principals of materialism and the role of Islam amidst the waves of these jiggered ideological waves.

The founders of the cult of materialism where most definitely inspired by Shaytaan, and driven by their evil selves, they wished to create a God-less society thereby removing the concept of Allah from every equation reducing religion to a mere ritual. Secondly they wished to increase their bank balances and promote a society of gluttony and self fulfilment, one that would chase ones animalistic desires and ambitions regardless of the consequences with regards to oneself and others.

To bring in wealth and achieve their sinister objectives they needed to firstly create greed in people, they needed to paint a picture of happiness based on materialistic entities as well as push forward the ideology that everyone should have everything of their OWN, thus there would be a greater demand and need for productivity and thus will lead to greater income.

The media television etc. would be the ultimate tool which would create within the minds of people the need to have and do such things which where totally unheard of in the past. A person will be thus seen enjoying a BIG MAC burger and portrayed to be living the life of fulfilment, others will be shown to have confidence and beauty based on the way they dress,another being shown to have contentment in some exotic destination, every person will be shown to have success and respect with independence, luxury and pomp.
Thus the never ending rollercoaster ride of chasing these fantasy’s would begin, people would put these futile pleasures first forgetting what really matters, the thought of Aakhirah and Allah will become secondary, a society of hatred, greed, malice, envy, lust, pride and “prospering” at the expense of others would be created. One that regards women as an object of sex and self appeasement and a mere form of advertising for even a bar of soap on the market.

Allah ta’alah has through his infinite grace sent the Qur’an, Hadith and this Deen as a whole as a light, which would prevail till the day of Qiyamah, such a light would take man out of the entrapment in his perception and the norms around him, out of his base desires and will redirect man to his true goal, the pleasure of Allah, his recognition and the life of Aakhirah.
It leads man away from futile amusements holidays and vacations, away from ever changing fashions which eat up ones modesty back to simplicity, back to what really matters and wherein lies our real contentment in both worlds. This is why Islam requires complete submission and Hadith says “You will never attain Imaan until your desires are made subject to the Deen I have brought”
This is the object of Ilm[knowledge], Tasawuf and Tabligh, to gain the knowledge that would free one, Tasawwuf is to build up the inner strength and guidance to conform to that knowledge and make the right choices and Tabligh to take that example throughout the world.

So next time you decide to take that holiday, eat that Big Mac, or don that tight fitting scanty dress,or take that exotic holiday ask yourself, “Have I become a slave to materialism?”.


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