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Lectures by Sh. Mumtaz’ul Haq – SA Tour

Title Listen Download
Masjid Hamza – Erasmia [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Masjid Hamza Erasmia.mp3] Download
Jamiah Masjid – Mayfair [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jamiah Masjid Mayfair.mp3] Download
Jummah Masjid – Trichardt [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jummah Masjid Trichardt.mp3] Download
Jummah Masjid – Barberton [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jummah Masjid Barberton.mp3] Download
Jummah Masjid – Nelspruit [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jummah Masjid Nelspruit.mp3] Download
Masjid Al Firdous – Pietersburg [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Masjid Al Firdous Pietersburg.mp3] Download
Masjid Bilal – Actonville [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Masjid Bilal Actonville.mp3] Download
Jummah Masjid – Marlboro [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jummah Masjid Marlboro.mp3] Download
Jaamiah Masjid – Azaadville [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jaamiah Masjid Azaadville.mp3] Download
Jamiah Masjid – Houghton [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Jamiah Masjid Houghton.mp3] Download
Nurul Islam Masjid – Lenasia [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Nurul Islam Masjid Lenasia.mp3] Download
Darul Uloom – Zakariyya [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Darul Uloom Zakariyya.mp3] Download
Masjidus Salaam – Laudium [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Masjidus Salaam Laudium.mp3] Download
Madressah – Darus Salaam [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Madressah Darus Salaam.mp3] Download
Madressah – Riyaadus Salihat [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Madressah Riyaadus Salihat.mp3] Download
Ladies Program – Azaadville [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Ladies Program Azaadville.mp3] Download
Ladies Program – Mayfair [audio:../media/Mumtaz/Ladies Program Mayfair.mp3] Download

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