Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 04 Safar 1436/26 November 2014

If there’s one thing that Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoub Abbas’ visit to South Africa could achieve, it would be to dismantle entrenched misconceptions about the Middle East’s resistance struggle. While noting as a concern that the Ismail Haniyeh-led Hamas is demonised and confined in the blockaded territories, Media Review Network chairperson Zakir Ahmed Mayet was of the view that Abbas, due to meet President Jacob Zuma, will reflect the true picture on the ground back home – where Israeli apartheid remains a daily reality. This will also demystify the myth Hamas is.

The Palestinian leader’s visit signifies the repositioning of SA within the Middle East’s negotiation map, Mayet told Sabahul Khair. “This is a monumental change that is taking place in that South Africa is now being positioned as a possible negotiator and mediator,” he asserted. For years, this position was dominated by oppressor Israel’s acolytes, Egypt, now under West-propped military man Abdel Fattah E-Sisi, and the United States of America.

“Sources from within the political movement of Hamas have indicated that that they have been working very closely to try and establish unity between various factions. I think that is the crux of the policy at the moment: unity,” Mayet said.

“I think that Hamas is quite comfortable with Mahmoud Abbas coming through to South Africa and making representations. I think that they’re starting to speak on behalf of all Palestinians, slowly but surely. However, the unity process has not been completed as yet there few things (outstanding) but those are being addressed,” the MRN representative said. The unity process, which took sway when Palestinian groupings such as Hamas, Fatah and others came together earlier this year, has had unintended consequences.

Since Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his predecessors have always thrived on Palestinian factionalism, the formation of the oppressed Semitic group’s government of national unity caused a stir in Zionist quarters. Not long afterwards, the right wingers, in Ramadaan, mowed 2,200 Palestinians in Gaza (including 500 children), relying on a poor pretext. Thousands more were wounded and the entire Gaza, an open-air prison that is home to 1.8m subjugated Palestinians, was turned into rubble. This didn’t spur Washington’s Barack Obama, or his peers in the democratic world that espouses equality and human rights, to isolate Netanyahu or impose sanctions on Israel – whose defence force continues to play victim even when it inflicts terror.

“I do believe that the political movement of Hamas, the democratically-elected party, in 2006, when the last elections were allowed to happen by Israel and the United States, and ever since (thereafter)… but I do believe that Hamas is fairly comfortable with the visit and that the concerns and the true aims of the Palestinians won’t be undermined by their exclusion in this particular visit,” Mayet explained. “However, I am hopeful that the South Africans will change their opinions and not bow to Israeli and the United States’ pressure by this stupid little line that they continue to use that Hamas is a terrorist organisation.”

The African National Congress and other liberation movements that waged a decades-long war against apartheid, such as the Pan-Africanist Congress, were also termed “terrorists” by Pretoria as part of its propaganda machinery. Joining apartheid pre-1994 Pretoria in demonising liberation movements by labeling them “terrorists” were the West’s capitals, London and Washington.

Despite projecting themselves as democracies, but due to their colonialist and imperialist make-up, these sided with the Nazist oppressor whose series of terrorist attacks is unprecedented. History rhymes. Today, the West embraces Israeli apartheid, terror and genocidal project. Hamas, whose quest is to end all of that and “collective punishment” that Zionists mete on Palestinians, is termed terrorist.

“I think it’s preposterous to buy into that and I’m quite certain that post this visit, the South Africans should reconsider that title, terrorist,” MRN chairperson said. “I don’t believe that they buy into it (anyway).”