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Meet the terrible twins: Jealousy and Jadoo



Maulana Khalid Dhorat


Harming someone else – because of jealousy, vengeance or pride, – will not benefit you or bring you happiness and satisfaction at all.  You can be jealous over someone’s success, wealth, beauty, intellect, car, mansion, husband, or job, but by harming them for something that is purely their destiny, won’t change anything, or transfer their success to you. You will not become more popular or wealthy by harming those whom you envy. In fact, it will have the reverse effect: You will become more depressed and desperate. So, the joke is always on the one who harms the other, and not on the harmed.


In reality, by harming the next person, you are doing him a huge favour! You can scratch his car, send a Jinn to possess him, or bring down his reputation by gossiping about him – all this will eventually work in his favour. If you scratch his car, he will have to repair it. Since he uses his car to travel to the Masjid or to his workplace and back; by repairing it, he will be incurring extra expenses in fulfilling his duties to the Almighty and to his family. He will be rewarded for it, but you will be punished for it in both the worlds. Sending a Jinn to possess him is a huge trial, but affected people normally recite Qur’an the entire day, drink gallons of Zam Zam water and stay in a state of purity all the time. This is how every Muslim should behave in any case, whether he is affected or not. Trials normally make a person, not break them. And if you gossip about others, you are simply transferring all your good deeds to them. So, go on, harm the next person. You are only harming yourself.


Why use the Jinn?

I am not advocating that everyone who has a slight headache or who had a misunderstanding with their wife should start suspecting others of working Jadoo on them; what I’m saying is that the practice of visiting witch-doctors or sangomas to do people’s dirty work, is becoming increasingly common. An affected person usually does not dream, feels heaviness in the chest and head, may have some type of marks on his body, and may look at his partner with resentment. So, first seek medical help for any condition before visiting a genuine Aamil. Nowadays, instead of wishing a person well over his happiness or good fortune, and praying that the Almighty increase him in the bounties he currently enjoys, we become envious of the person and wish the opposite for him. As this jealousy turns to rage, and then to malice, many think that visiting a witch-doctor or a sangoma to harm or paralyze the person in question will bring them satisfaction: “Why is she so happy in her marriage, when I landed up with a loser. Both of us must suffer together!”


Well, this is the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life – a mistake which is near impossible to reverse. A person confessed: “O my! She looked so dazzling on her engagement day that I decided on her wedding day, I’ll get my neatly-dressed witch-doctor to either affect her through her sight or by placing something in her food. We managed to sprinkle some “invisible powder” in her food, and when I heard that she suffered from a tummy-ache for her entire honeymoon, I was overjoyed. As time went on, she was cured, but my health and mental well-being deteriorated and today I continue to suffer diseases I didn’t suffer before this evil deed of mine. Today, I’m suffering more than her and I’ve got no way out of it.”   


Indeed, visiting a witch-doctor is dangerous in three ways for you – financially, spiritually, and physically. There is no winner at all in this madness. Financially, you will be charged up to R10 000-00 a visit, and you will be given false promises and half truths. Then just as your problem is on the verge of being sorted out, a “complication” will arise, and you will be another R10 000- poorer. This “complication” will either be your own health, the opposite party trying to take revenge on you, or the Jinn not satisfied with his job. People have lost up to R500 000- in this way before they smelt the rat! You may think that you are securing the services of the Jinn to harm another person; yes, this may be true, but you are also being hypnotized in the process to come back again and again until either you are financially drained or you die. Visiting a witch-doctor is like paying protection-fees to the mafia. The day you decide to back out, the Jinn which you sent to possess someone else will be sent to possess you, or you will be killed.


After losing your wallet, you will lose your heart too, along with the faith (Iman) within it. In an Islamic country, a witch-doctor and his customer is killed on the spot as black-magic is nothing but clear kufr (disbelief). In is narrated in Muwatta Imam Malik that Sayyidah Hafsah, our Mother and beloved wife of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) had a slave of hers killed on the spot when she was found guilty of bewitching her, even though she had a contract of freedom with her. The same goes for her customers.


In order to become a medical doctor, you study for seven years at a medical university, but to study the dark sciences, you firstly need to empty your heart of faith in the Almighty, and vow to become enemies with God and all religions. Then you need to soak your soul with the devilish traits of extreme hatred, jealousy, evil, greed, and malice. Witch-doctors need to sell their soul, in this world, and the next, to the devil in order to be able to harness the awesome power of the evil Jinn. In order to gain their approval, they need to perform various devilish rituals like drinking menstrual blood, fornicating with the dead, mocking at religion, killing pigs and anointing themselves with its blood, and defecating on the Qur’an. Remember, a witch-doctor is for now and forever; his customer too, is for now, and forever. If a witch-doctor wants to repent from this open kufr (disbelief) and evil, and if his customer wants to also reform himself, the jinn will not be pleased at this and they may pay for it with their lives. Then too, paying with their life to die on imaan (faith) is a worthy price to pay.


By visiting a witch-doctor, you are preferring the power of the Jinn – an inferior species of creation, – over the power of the Almighty, and spreading evil instead of good. You are joining in rebellion with Satan against God to create chaos on earth. Satan becomes your new savior and benefactor, and once you become his follower, he wants you as his company in hellfire too, for ever and ever. As you are being consumed by hatred and jealousy for someone else, you are being by the devil himself. And all the while you thought you were harming someone else!


After your wallet and heart have been emptied of all goodness, your victim will be trying to cure himself with the power of the Almighty, but your health and mental state will take a nosedive. Anxious to see the results of your black-magic, you will stalk your victim – usually a relative, friend or a family member – to see how devastated he is. Can he still walk? Did his wife elope with someone else? Did he meet up in an accident? Is she pregnant? Who is torturing who here, the perpetrator or the victim?  You will suffer from schizophrenia, dementia and insomnia long after your victim has been cured. Your victim’s condition will elevate him and he may even overpower his black-magic, but your actions will debase you forever. It’s just not worth it.


The Afflicted Person and the Spell

Don’t ever underestimate the power of witchcraft, but at the same time, do not fear it or let it overwhelm you. The power of God is above all power. Usually, a witchdoctor will ask for the name of the victim and his mother’s name only, as all his victims are assumed to be fatherless and illegitimate. After putting the two names together, he will decide where to place the spell: in water, under the earth, or on a tree. If the spell is temporary, it is written on items such as paper and leaves that will decompose in time, but more durable spells are carved in stone and other durable items. Black magic can be made via your picture, your voice, merely seeing a person, your scent or through any body-parts like one’s nails and hair. Once the master Jinn agrees to harm a person, he then sends a slave-jinn to the person in order to possess him.


Many a time, the afflicted person comes to know who afflicted him, but it’s best to continue treating him with kindness. This is like rubbing salt into the wound. The best way to overcome one’s condition is to recite all the recommended prayers from the Qur’an and Sunnah, eat seven ‘ajwah dates daily, drink lots of Zam Zam, stay in a condition of purity all the time and avoid places of sin. If done effectively, the slave-jinn will become like a fish out of water, and you will become a lion in its den. The jinn will either die or become so weak that he will become ineffective – unable to communicate or fulfill the commands of the master-jinn, or the master-jinn himself will not be inclined to renew the spell if it disintegrates. Remember, some become physically sick, and some spiritually, but both conditions and cures are in the control of the Almighty.


To all those who are affected, be strong as this is your means of becoming close to the Almighty. Persevere in your treatment. To all those jealous ones, save your souls and repent and reverse what you did whilst you have life in you. Today you may be laughing at someone, but tomorrow they will be laughing at you in hellfire. The doors of forgiveness are still open. It’s never too late to repent.

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