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Malawi Quraan Distribution Report

Malawi Quraan Distribution Report

On Friday September 07, 2012 a delegation of 7 members consisting of a doctor, an attorney, a few businessmen and an Alim from the Jamiat KZN Office departed from Masjid Hilaal for Malawi via road to oversee the distribution of Qur’an Shariefs a project of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Qur’an for Africa Project. Alhamdulillah on Monday September 10 2012, after 3 days of travelling and passing 6 borders, the group reached their destination in Zomba 60km from Blantyre. After Zohar they proceeded to the Abdullah bin Masood Islamic centre situated about 10km from Zomba. The madrasah has a boarding facility and houses 43 full time students, 15 Hifz students and 28 training as teachers for the Makaatib. At the Abdullah bin Masood Islamic centre 43 Quraans were distributed.

On Tuesday the group travelled to Ntaja approximately 100km from Zomba. A total of 1291 Quraans were distributed at this centre. Thereafter the group travelled to Mangochi to the Mapira Madina Islamic centre. At this centre 535 Quraans were distributed.

On Wednesday, the group proceeded to Makanjila approximately 120 km from Mangochi, and 60km of single lane unpaved road consisting of a few iron and wood bridges on route to this centre the group was delayed for about two hours due to a truck breaking down on one of the bridges. Upon reaching the centre the group was greeted by approximately 100 Ustaads and locals. At this centre 1121 Quraans were distributed. In total 4000 Quraans were distributed to various other madrasahs and Islamic centres.
A brief history on Makanjila: Makanjila means ‘Road to Makkah’. Prior to aviation, this was the road to Makkah via Africa, hence the name Makanjila. At all the above centres, the ustaads travelled on bicycle +- 50km to collect the Quraans for madrasahs in their locality.

All the madrasahs are supervised by a local Alim who has 180 madrasahs in the entire Malawi region. Prior to setting up a madrasah and Masjid, a survey is done. A satellite madrasah is then set up. Once the need arises, funds are collected to set up a proper Islamic centre.
Malawi has a population of 14 million of which half are Muslims. Although the local’s dwellings are made of mud and thatch, the Masjids are proper structures made of block and cement and are well maintained. There is still a great need for more madrasahs and Masjids in Malawi.

May Allah accept the efforts of the delegation that went Malawi and make these Qur’ans a means of guidance in Malawi, Ameen.

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