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Matric paper leaks

Matric paper leaks

I am a Muslim First

Islam is a religion with a comprehensive code of conduct and a set code of ethics. Every Muslim is required to uphold and display these ethics to the best of his ability. Two of the most important qualities that a Muslim is expected to display is honesty and trustworthiness. In an age where these qualities are virtually non-existent it becomes imperative that Muslims be honest, truthful, and trustworthy – to exemplify the beautiful teachings of islam.

“Matric Exam Paper Leaks” is a well-known fact and has been an ongoing problem for a long time. It’s disturbing to note that many of the offenders include Muslims. This type of dishonesty, deception and cowardice is not acceptable from a believer. It dents the integrity of any person, Muslim or not. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) strongly warned us “He who deceives us is not of us.” (Sahih Muslim). The warning in the Hadeeth is explicit. A person who indulges in acts of deception and dishonesty cannot claim to be a true and perfect believer. To compound the matter, exorbitant sums of money are paid for the illegal acquisition of these papers. This is utter abuse of the great bounty of wealth bestowed upon us by Allah(SWT). The Noble Quran warns, “Most certainly the wasteful ones are brothers of Shaytaan.” (S.17/V27)

When Muslims who claim to have the solution to the world’s problems behave in such a selfish and dishonest manner, it is no wonder the Ummah finds itself at the mercy of the kuffaar (disbelievers). Furthermore, where does the money come from? Why is it that Muslims seem to have money to squander on unlawful things?

O parents, wake up! It is your duty to investigate and be aware of your child’s actions and behavior. Why do Muslim parents give their children such financial independence? Without the finances, crimes like this will not occur. We plead to Muslim parents and students to be conscious of how people are watching Muslims. We may not be aware but somewhere someone is watching, and let it not be that we become the means of that person’s misguidance thereby earning ourselves a mountain of sin and misery.

We strongly urge all Muslims to be extremely cautious in matters like these, which may bring about disgrace,hardship and punishment for all Muslims. May Allah (SWT) grant us all the true ability to realize our role as Muslims. Aameen.

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