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Message to the Broken Hearted

My Message to the Broken Hearted


I don’t know you and you don’t know me but as you read the following be in the moment – absorb every word. This is a small message to those whose hearts have been broken after they’ve have FALLEN into forbidden(haram) relationships.

Time and time again, I would hear stories of haram relationships and how it ended in depression. But if you were to mute your heart, isn’t it only logical that haram ends in darkness? Isn’t that where it belongs? See the heart was made for Allah and when you force it to go anywhere that displeases Allah, then it’s like feeding it carbon dioxide, it will suffocate you slowly.

I watch as many give their hearts to haram relationships and they expect to live happily. But my question is, do you think that you’re really happy as Allah is displeased with what you’re doing?

 ‘’Why do we fill our hearts with everything but Allah and expect not to fall apart?’’

Happiness is only found in noor (light); you can NEVER find it in the dark. If Allah is not pleased with what you are doing then there will NEVER be “TRUE’’ happiness nor true peace. It is avoiding junk food that can make us healthier, likewise if we want to see the sun shining in our lives, we need to walk away from darkness. Following darkness will only lead you to night but by following good, you will be lead into light.

 ‘’Put Allah first in your life and you will be happy.’’

Will Your Heart Ever Heal – Will it Ever Feel Peace Again?
Before you read the answer, what do you think? Without an atoms doubt, the answer is 150% yes. There IS a solution to ALL pain. It starts off by taking a ‘sincere’ FIRST step towards our Lord. There’s NO problem too big for Allah to solve. When one’s car breaks down, they send it to a mechanic; when your tooth hurts, you go to a dentist; or when you break a bone, you go to a doctor; so when your spiritual heart breaks, go to Allah, the healer who created it:)

‘When you have a heavy heart, let it pull you down to prostration and supplication and it will lighten up.’ – Abdulbary Yahya

Let Go

Is this the life you want to live?

Don’t let your broken heart swallow you into darkness like sinking-sand. When death comes knocking on your door, will you be satisfied with yourself? Can you face Allah with your baggage? If not, then let it go because the moment you do, the weight of darkness will leave and soothing light will lift you up. And how does one let go of darkness by replacing it with light by feeding your soul with goodness. So for Allah, let it go – fully.

 ’Our eyes, voices, hands, feet, etc… are special gifts from Allah. Don’t use what Allah gifted you with in doing what displeases Him. Allah doesn’t deserve that.

Un-Zoom and View Life as a Whole
When a tooth hurts we tend to forget about nearly everything else and you live in the moment of pain. Well, right now for some, this is how you’re viewing life. You are mostly concentrating and focusing on the scar, on the hurt. You are only focusing on that small fraction of your WHOLE entire life:/ There is far more to life then what you look at. Stop looking out from a window that’s shut with curtains but change your perspective. Life is rich with vast crops of opportunities. So begin, develop, grow and remember un-Zoom. Look beyond the sentence and view the whole context.

‘’There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.’’

1#Imagine 2#Grave 3#Regret
In any choice you want to take or whatever situation you are in just stop for a moment. Close your eyes, imagine your lying in your own grave. All alone; you’re confined in a very cold, damp,  small grave waiting to be judged by Allah the Great and in that very moment ask yourself, what would I do if I could come back to life? If you’re heart-broken, ask yourself, is it worth it? If you were in a fight, lie in the grave and ask yourself, what can I do? If you wanted to say something, lie in the grave and ask yourself, what would I say? This type of thinking can sometimes help you make better choices that you won’t regret.

 ‘’..and to Him you shall return.’’
[Surah Yunus 10: Verse 56]

 Does Allah deserve the haram you do?
After your heart has been torn, you might hear the devils’ famous whispering words that ‘you are nothing’, that ‘life is nothing’, that ‘you can never fully heal again’, and ‘when will I die?’

If you are in this state, thinking that you are worthless and empty, then to yourself SHOUT, ‘’There is Allah and when I go to Him, He’ll take me in. As shattered, as broken, as wrong, as nothing as I am, He will comfort my heart and with grace take me in.’’ For dear reader, even if your sins reaches the heavens, He is MOST kind, MOST forgiving. And life is not worth wasting it on haram. Wallahi dear reader, Allah does not deserve the wrong that you do.

 ‘’Sometimes, all it takes is just ONE prayer to change everything.’’

 Why were You Created?
To worship Allah, right? The following is my motto that I want you to really soak up and just consider: Life is NOT about doing what pleases you; life is about doing what pleases Allah – that’s why we were created.’  

To your aching heart that cries… you NEED to wake up. Open your eyes to reality, which is: Your life is NOT rotated around this problem. That’s one of the devil’s tricks, to make you think that you’re drowning in life WHEREAS life is like a tree and you only broke one TINY branch and NOT the whole tree. And branches always grow back, just feed it with eman.

 ‘’Allah is the protecting guardian of those who believe. He leads them out of darkness into the light.’’

 True Love is when Allah’s by your side
Am I against love? Hell NO:) I believe in it with ALL my heart because Allah would not have created such a word unless it was real – completely real. But the love I believe in is ‘True Love’ of halal relationships where merciful Allah is by your side. True love is when Allah is your partner and not your enemy, the devil. True love is beautiful and such beautiful characteristic of life is never found in the dark but found with Allah.

 ‘’If my servants ask you about Me, I am near. I answer the call of the caller when he calls upon Me. They should, therefore, respond to me and believe in me so that hopefully they will be rightly guided.’’
[Surah Baqarah 02: Verse 186]

How can you erase the pain?
The dunya and what’s in it was made to break your heart; to break your soul. And to avoid darkness entering the heart, send your spiritual heart to Allah by DOING and SPEAKING in a way that pleases His Majesty. To free your heart from heartbreak, to free it from darkness, from deep sadness, then dear reader do acts of goodness.

Start with small steps like saying assalamualaikum more often, respecting your parents more, giving a chocolate to a child, saying alhamdulilah more often, etc. And don’t underestimate these small actions because the more you do good, the more nour/light fills your heart; HENCE slowly kicking out darkness, heartbreak, depression etc.

 ‘’A good deed brightens a dark world.’’ – Unknown

 A great way to help you do good deeds and to make you consistent is insha’Allah the next point:

Would it please Allah?
Happiness follows light, so be that light. Be the person that Allah wants you to be. Before you take any step, before you make any decision, before you speak, before you send a message, before you call… ask yourself, would it please Allah or would it please our worst enemy, the devil?

So make this question a CONSTANT habit, ‘Would it please You, my Lord Allah?’


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