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MLA Lodges Complaint for Arrest of Egypts sisi


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News, 2015-06-09


The Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) has lodged a complaint for the arrest of Egyptian Abdel Fatthah Al Sisi and other officials when they visit South Africa next week for the African Union Summit.

Dubbed the Egyptian docket, it calls for the national directorate of public prosecutions and other authorities to investigate the Egyptian president and officials and bring them to trial for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and gross human rights violations.

The association contends there is sufficient evidence to establish a case against Sisi, and the Egyptian military FOR the alleged massacre of protestors in Egypt last year in which more than three thousand people were killed.

The associations Yousha Tayob says their complaint was raised in terms of the Rome Statute to which South Africa is a signatory.

“Considering that Sisi is arriving in this country around the 14,15,16 of June, the MLA seeks his immediate arrest with any identified officials who may be travelling with him.”

He says the implementation of the African Union Charter also allows for alleged perpetrators of human rights to be prosecuted.

“We have referred this complaint to the African Union and awaiting the outcome of that referral.”

Tayob says they have overwhelming evidence supporting their claims and hope that politics don’t interfere with the law.

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