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Question: At the time of Eid-ul adhaa, when the takbeer-e- tashreeq is recited, should it be recited aloud or soft?

Answer: It should be recited aloud. It is masnoon to read it aloud.


Question: If someone bought a buck and wishes to make qurbani of it, will it be permissible for him to do so?
Answer: No, a buck being a wild animal, qurbani of it will not be permissible.

Question: If one wishes to do his Waajib qurbani, but when he was born, his aqeeqah was not made. Will the waajib qurbani be waived off him?

Answer: No, he must do his Waajib qurbani.

Question: I do not have sufficient wealth to make my childs aqeeqah. Is it waajib upon me?

Answer: If you do not have sufficient wealth, you do not have to make aqeeqah.

Question: I have treated the skin of the cattle and sheep I have slaughtered last year. They were about 75 skins. I decided to sell them all. Can I make a buck on them?

Answer: Yes you may sell it, BUT you have to give each cent of it to charity. It cannot go into your pocket.

Question: Is it permissible to give the intestines etc to the employees as a form of payment?

Answer: No, they have to be paid separately. The left overs of the animal or the parts you do not like cannot be given as payment for the skinning etc.

Question: Am I not supposed to cut my hair or trim my nails during the first ten days of Zul Hijjah?

Answer: Yes, the one who is going to be doing Qurbany of his animal should not trim or cut his hair until he completes his Qurbany. If he did not cut his nails etc for forty days prior to Zul Hijjah, and the 40days will fall in the first ten days, he must then cut his nails and hair. Leaving it to grow for more than forty days is sinful.

Question: What happens if 8 people shared one bull for Qurbani?

Answer: If 8 people share one bull, no one’s qurbani will be valid.

Question: When is the latest I could do my Qurbani?

Answer: You have until the 12th of Zul Hijjah before sunset, to do your qurbani.

Question: May I do my qurbani before Eid Salaat, since i live in a farm where there is no Jumu’ah salaat?

Answer: Yes it is permissible for the one who lives in a farm area wher there is no Jumu’ah to slaughter from the commencement of Fajr time.

Q. Besides the obligatory thabah on the mutamatti’ out of shukr for the ni’mat of discharging Umrah and Haj, is the qurbaani of Eidul Adha also obligatory on him?

A. If the mutamatti’ has become a Shar’i muqeem then provided that he is considered wealthy in the Shariah the qurbaani of Eidul Adha is a separate obligation upon him. If, however, he is a musaafir in the Shariah—making qasr of Salaah—then it (qurbaani) is not obligatory on him.

Q. I purchased an animal for Qurbaani. While offloading the animal, it became injured and unfit for slaughter. What should I do?

A. There are two aspects to this query a) the owner can afford another animal b) the owner cannot afford another animal.


If the person intending to perform Qurbaani has the means to purchase another animal, he/ she should purchase another animal. However, if he /she cannot afford to purchase another animal, the injured animal should be sacrificed. (Raddul Muhtar, Vol: 6, Pg 325)

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