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SAHUC Releases 1436/2015 Hajj Accreditation List

Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News, 2015-04-16


The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) has released the 1436/2015 Hajj accreditation list.

President of SAHUC Shaheen Essop said he had just returned from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after finalizing the hajj quota for South Africa.

“Following workings through the conclusive processes, South Africa has been granted a quota of two thousand to perform hajj.”

Prospective hujjaj who are on the list of 2,000 will receive a notification of their accreditation.

“They can anticipate a SMS as this is a process we have embarked upon since we started the accreditation process back in 2007.”

Essop said due to the ongoing renovations in Makkah, the quota has been reduced by 20% like every other international country and as a result from 2,500 proposed hujjaj, South Africa has been reduced to 2,000.

“Until such time Insha’Allah renovations are complete, whereafter we are of the opinion that we will get an increase to make up for lost time.”

Essop said prospective hujjaj will have ten days to either accept or reject their accreditation as well as selecting an accredited hajj operator so that SAHUC can conclude the process.

“We have restrictive timelines from the kingdom that all contracts from a hajj operator perspective needs to be concluded before the start of Ramadaan.”


The accredited list is on (SAHUC’s website) Click link under latest updates.


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