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South Africa’s inequitable and GM contaminated bread industry


Most of us consume bread on a regular basis, so imagine our horror when we got the results back of the popular white bread brands sold in supermarkets across SA, from the GMO testing facility.

White bread brand GM content in soya flour Produced by Labelled as
Checkers white bread 91.09% Shoprite Holdings No GM label. (No ingredients labelled)
Woolworths white bread 85.62% Woolworths May be Genetically Modified
Spar white bread 72.69% Spar No GM label. (No ingredients labelled)
Blue Ribbon white bread 64.9% Premier Foods Not labelled
Pick n Pay white bread 42.82% Pick n Pay Not labelled
Albany superior white bread 23.23% Tiger Brands Not labelled
Sunbake white bread 20.46% Foodcorp Not labelled
Sasko white bread so low as to be unquantifiable Pioneer Foods Produced using Genetic Modification

I’m sure you are as aghast as we are that with the exception of Pioneer Foods, the bread producers are arrogantly flouting the GM labelling regulations of the Consumer Protection Act.

Woolworths has once again failed consumers miserably by sticking to a very dubious “May be Genetically Modified” label, which is misleading to consumers given that the quantity of GM soya in their bread is exceptionally high!

We find this GM contamination of our bread to be totally unacceptable and have put together a petition that we are asking you to please sign and share widely.

GM soya in South Africa is sprayed with liberal doses of the harmful chemical glyphosate. Despite the manufacturers assurances that glyphosate does not accumulate in the human body, tests conducted on behalf of Moms Across America on human breast milk, urine and drinking water have shown the presence of glyphosate residues. Glyphosate has been implicated in chronic kidney disease in adults, neural tube defects in babies and spontaneous abortions in mothers, as well as birth defects in animals. This is a serious concern to all of us. We do not want any glyphosate in our bread and bodies. Rafiek, your participation in this petition is crucial in our fight against the big bread producers to force them to produce GM free bread.

The ACB has just released its latest report GM Contamination, Cartels and Collusion in South Africa’s Bread Industry, highlighting that just four companies – Tiger Brands, Pioneer Foods, Premier Foods and FoodCorp – control 70% of the wheat-to-bread value chain.
You can download it here http://tinyurl.com/oe4cnxl and you can read our related press release here http://tinyurl.com/q99gvsb.

Please sign and share the petition widely.

As always, we thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.
Kind Regards


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