Bint Ahmed Sulaymaan | 25 Dhul Qa’dah 1436/10 September 2015

It is not unfair to say that we live in a time when a large number of us have thrown our heads in a tumble dryer and then placed it on our shoulders and set forth in the world claiming to be human beings with rationale. It is so common for obligatory acts in Islam to be disregarded that it has become the norm amongst Muslims rather than the exception. So common, it is often defended. In fact the justification for disobedience is a concealed discouragement towards upholding them.

The abandon of obligations commanded by Allah Subhanahu wa ta ‘ala are ignored away as “minor” whereas it is an open violation and a sin. Minor sins are not less dangerous than major sins. The most frequent arguments for these commonly practiced sins are, “Allah Ta’ala will judge me on my intention, not on my appearance”, “My heart and intention is clean” but intention is of no benefit if one’s actions are in conflict with the obligations commanded by Allah Subhanahu wa ta ‘ala and Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Just as so called clean appearances are of no benefit when the heart is impure. What of the people with both clean hearts and clean appearances.

Disregarding the obligations of the shari’ah is a sin. Justifying them takes one further away from self improvement. Disobedience is not overlooked in any establishment. Schools, universities or professional bodies all have consequences to the violations of their rules. This is not different in terms of the obligations of the Shari’ah. A clean heart doesn’t openly violate Allah’s commands and then attempt to justify it.

There are many actions that are impermissible but are openly accepted and practiced and taken for granted as having consequences. They are:

· Shaving the beard

· Wearing the trousers over the ankles

· Mocking the beard

· Imitating women

· Disregard for Hijab – seclusion in the home

· Plucking the eyebrows

· Dressing immodestly

· Women travelling and living without a mahram

· Leaving the hair uncovered

· Taking of non-essential photographs

· Cutting the hair in ways for allowed by the Shariah(males and females)

· Growing the nails long

· Imitating men

· Intermingling between men and women

· Making sure that what we consume is Halaal

· Frequenting places that condone actions contrary to Islamic belief

· Disobedience to parents

· Listening to music

· Performing salaah without correct dress

· Dealing in interest

· Neglecting zakaat

· Gossip, slander, gheebat


These are probably difficult to achieve  in the society we live in, some might say. But they are not impossible. The willingness and effort is within every one of us to be the best we can be for the pleasure of Allah. Clean hearts can be manifested outwardly and vice versa, they must be.