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The ‘Cold Shoulder’


“Excuse me! May I have your attention please!”

Yet, despite the repeated requests, the plea fell on deaf ears and was totally ignored.

The above scenario plays out in many spheres of life. Sometimes, it’s an obstinate member of the staff that ‘plays dumb’ and chooses to ignore their employer. At times, it can be a friend that chooses to ignore us. At other times, it can even be our own near and dear ones that give us the cold shoulder, and it is from these people that this treatment is most painful and upsetting.

If a spouse hurts or upsets their partner, and out of disappointment, the partner gives them the ‘cold shoulder’ and ‘silent treatment’, it will hurt and disturb them more than if any other person had to ignore them. From one-word answers to point-blank silence, the anxiety and disappointment perceived will be so severe that one will lose their appetite and will even find it difficult to sleep!

When this is how seriously we treat the ‘cold shoulder’ from our near and dear ones, than how much worse will it be for us to give Allah Ta‘ala the ‘cold shoulder’? However, this is precisely what many people unwittingly do.

During the month of Ramadhaan, many people increased their commitment to Deen and communicated regularly with Allah Ta‘ala through reciting the Quraan Majeed, standing in salaah and raising their hands in du‘aa. Somehow, when the moon of ‘Eid was sighted, they casually turned away and gave Allah Ta‘ala the ‘cold shoulder’. After connecting with their Creator for one month, they inexplicably turned away and returned to their evil ways of old. Do we really think that Allah Ta‘ala will accept and tolerate this? For how long do we expect to ‘get away’ with this behaviour?

If we want Allah Ta‘ala to continuously show us love and mercy and shower His blessings upon us, we need to maintain our relationship with Him. A person who only maintains a relationship when it suits him is generally termed and regarded as a ‘user’.

Let us be ‘lovers’ and ‘devotees’ of Allah Ta‘ala – not users.

May Allah Ta‘ala assist us all to become and remain His devoted servants.


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