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The Genocide in Burma

The Muslim nation is one body. If one part suffers, the entire body cries out in agony. (Ibn Hibbaan)

Burma, the latest graveyard of the Muslims. How our hearts bleed to see your suffering, your cries, your pain…. cries that fall on deaf ears, tears that flow with no one to wipe them away. Your men are slaughtered, your children orphaned and the chastity of your women violently ripped away. O Allah, to You do we call, and in Your court do we place our pleas. Aid and assist them, for we live in a world of selective justice, a world that favours the strong and turns a blind eye on the weak, a world wherein slogans of justice and liberty are raised, not to support the oppressed, but to plunder the resources of a nation.

The West has long touted themselves as champions of human rights. Time has exposed their camouflage and shown them for what they truly are. For Iraq and Libya they leapt to the forefront, to liberate the oppressed under the rule of “dictators” and “tyrants”. But where are they now when the gleam of black gold cannot be seen? Where is their vigour for championing the cause of the weak?
As unfortunate as the situation is, it is to be expected. For Muslims to expect aid from the disbelieving nations is to be living in a fool’s paradise. However, the truly lamentable situation is the response from the Muslim countries.

On the cry for help of one woman, the Khalifa Mutasim rallied the Muslim army and conquered one of the greatest Roman forts with much effort and sacrifice. When the battle was over, he summoned the woman and when she was brought, he said, “Labbaik, Labbaik, Here I am at your service. I have answered your cry with 40 000 horsemen.” Now it should be known that Mutasim was no saint, in fact he was far from it. But saint or not, the honour of a Muslim woman was inviolable. The Muslim rulers of today should bury their heads in shame at their impotence to avenge the suffering Ummah.

There was a time not very far back when such a situation was unimaginable. A time when the Islamic Khilafah, the Islamic empire existed. A severe reckoning awaits those hypocrites from the Ummah who aided the British and French governments in destroying the Islamic Khilafah and dividing the Muslim Ummah into countries where nationality takes precedence over Imaan. Truly our losses were incalculable when we lost the Islamic Khilafah. If there is such a thing as a Holocaust for the Muslim Ummah, then the 3rd of March 1924 was the day of the “Holocaust”, the day when the Islamic empire was lost, the day when the strength of the Ummah dissipated.

From that day onwards every atrocity that befell the Ummah, fell on a defenceless Ummah without the strength to retaliate, or avenge its fallen. Every atrocity was meted on an Ummah who were like lambs in a slaughterhouse. Every attack found its mark on the body of the Ummah.

However there was and will always remain one exception. When Muslims stood up to defend their Deen and their people, when they chose to leave behind their fear and feebleness and embrace the burning courage of Imaan, when they chose to embrace the spirit of the lions of Allah, Hamza, Ali, and Khalid bin Walid Radhiyallahu Anhum, then the helpless became able, the frail became mighty and the conquered became the conqueror.

For too long have we buried our Islamic spirit because of fraudulent labels of “fundamentalist”, “extremist” and “terrorist”, titles that belong to the oppressors but are branded on the oppressed to further demonise a disenfranchised nation. The time has come to throw this yoke off our shoulders, for men of courage to stand up once again, and for the flags of Islam to be held aloft in the world.

May Allah revive the spirit of the Ummah, restore its dignity, aid and assist the Ummah and may He seize the hand of brutality that is lifted against the Ummah, Aameen.

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