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The Marriage Carriage

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Marriage is one amazing journey…

The fuel for the first half of the journey is love while the fuel for the second half of the journey is mercy.

Marriage initially takes off as a beautiful, novel experience in which you enjoy the thrills and frills.

With age, the couple turn over to a new page called “old age” which is certainly not some cold cage. Rather, it is a stage where a sage will wage no rage.

A true couple will happily and carefully work around moments of pain and agony. With patience and intelligence, they will learn to give and forgive, let and forget.

It is only natural to one day grow old, for the hair to become grey, the memory to fail and delay, the movements to completely slow down, the ears to struggle to pick up sound, and the eyes to squint to have to see. After all, everything tall will someday fall. The couple is made of sand, by the unseen hand, all part of our Creators Divine plan.

The couple will have to live their life which will be surrounded by strife. The world is a place of pressure while the hereafter is full of grace and pleasure. However, marriage is a special treasure which offers leisure in measure.

By keeping the hereafter in mind, the couple will find it easy to bind. It is so rewarding to be kind when put to the grind, allowing problems to quickly unwind.

Youth comes once and old age too. Many reach youth but old age a few. Thus old age is rare, which a selected few wear. An old couple is no trouble. Together they will care and remain fair. No frightening stare! No threatening dare! As an aged pair, they will repair, and for the hereafter prepare.

Every worldly journey ends, despite the many bends. Marriage certainly tends to have its sends and lends, mends and defends. Death, however, is the final separator, controlled by one Creator, taking every couple sooner or later.

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