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The Outcaste


Did you meet Choti behns daughter in law at the wedding last week, she is so friendly but shame she is a hedru (Urdhu speaking) girl. Our boys can’t find nice aaprawaraa(own) girls these days, there are so many good girls in the family but they marry these outside girls. I feel so sorry for choti behn, what a shame to the family name. Dear sister this ‘hedru’ girl you are gossiping about has a character that outshines the rest, her akhlaaq and piety attracted the heart of her husband not the gaam in India her great grandparents came from.


The ladies taleem class was so inspiration and beneficial today. We all brought some tasty treats for after class tea. Did you notice the two new  black girls (Muslimahs) who just arrived unannounced and joined the class. They looked so shabby I do not even think they are Muslims, just another way for beggars to get free food. Dear sister those sisters that you are judging so harshly are new reverts and their hunger and thirst for Islamic guidance and knowledge attracted them to your taleem class not your gourmet treats.


I noticed my son became distant from his usual group of friends, he was busy socialising and befriending the zakaat funded students. The Paruk and Seedat boys are usually his choice of company so I was alarmed. Who are those boys? Why are you with them and not your type of friends? I do not want you hanging out with wild boys, you are Paruk so please stick to that calibre of company. Dear sister your son stopped joining that ‘type’ of company as he was being bullied to try smoking hence he chose to join a humble and Islamically inclined group of boys. Your son realised that a family name does not buy you morals and values so when are you going to realise this?


She is just the maid give her whatever you have leftover in the fridge from last week and do not let use our plates and cups rather use the disposable ones. Why do I need to pay her full wage this week as she is always late. Dear sister she is an assistant in your home, that ‘maid’ cleans your home everyday which makes your life so comfortable. She leaves her home in the early hours of the morning and walks for miles to reach your house so that she can be on time. She does everything you ask of her with a smile even if you shout at her she will obey you as she needs that little money at the end of the day to feed and clothe her children. Kindness is free try it.


Dear sisters why do we ostracize, we divide, we ridicule, gossip and judge others based on skin colour, caste, race, fancy surnames as well as financial and social statuses. We are moulding the minds of our innocent little children to be future racists, self-absorbed,  entitled, disrespectful and superior to others.


Tomorrow as you are placed in your Qabr please reserve the plot next to your own(aaprawaraa) draw and highlight the barriers around your Qabr as you do not want a black body laying next to yours. When the worms and insects start to eat your decomposed body make sure they know your surname and social status.


Allah blessed Hazrat Bilal Radhiyallahu Anhu with the title of being the first Muazzin and also the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam’s beloved friend as well as his close companion. Abu Lahab was a wealthy and powerful Arab as well as the paternal uncle of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam yet he was cursed by Allah in the Qur’aan which led him to perish in this world and the hereafter. Whenever the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam and all the noble Sahaabah addressed the people they did so with total humility and treated everybody with respect and dignity. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam treated his enemies with respect so who are we to disrespect, insult ostracize and hurt our fellow brothers and sisters? Islam unifies us yet culture divides us.


May Allah guide and assist us to remove this negative mind-set and place love and unity in our hearts, minds, manners and actions so that we can spread happiness and peace to all we meet irrespective of their surname, race, caste or creed.

By N Chhipa

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