Shakirah Hunter | 26 Rabi uth Thani 1436/16 February 2015

The everlasting call of Jannah, it’s luscious gardens, strong-flowing rivers of honey, wine, pure milk and sparkling water. To each believer the promise of an everlasting Jannah holds a different meaning, a different promise. However, when all among the true believers have been entered into Jannah and have been granted all that their hearts could ever desire, what their minds could not even think of and what their eyes had never seen. There shall come a sound, a sound so immensely beautiful, the sound of Maalikul Jabaar, The Great King Allah Ta’laa.

At this moment, He will ask, “Oh people of Jannah are you well pleased?”

At that very moment every inhabitant of Paradise shall without hesitation  exclaim:

“Balaa! Most certainly!” For how could they not be pleased when every worry of this world has been removed, every fear replaced with tranquillity. It is then that the King of all Kings shall exclaim I would like to grant you something more.. In astonishment all the inhabitants of Jannah shall try to imagine what could possibly be more, and in that moment Allah shall remove the veil between Him and His Creation! Struck by the beauty of His Blessed countenance , the immense noor emanating from Allah the Most High, all the inhabitants of jannah in complete awe will forget every single one of the bounties of Jannah, for truly no bounty could be greater than gazing at the Light of the Heavens and the Earth..

As they sit transfixed and in awe, Allah Subahaanahu wata’ala will begin to recite from the most beautiful of chapters, Suratur Rahmaan. And in that moment as the mu’min sits and gazes up at Allah in true wonder, His eyes and ears finally fulfilling the true reason they were created for, it is then that the heart of the Mu’min recalling all of the pain and sacrifice of this world finds true peace. For indeed the constant battle for piety, the difficulty of a hijaab, the struggle to open your eyelids at the time of dawn, the list goes on and on. But in that moment the inhabitant of Jannah will realise that for that moment a thousand lifetimes of sacrifice were well worth their burdens.