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To our World

Dua On the 10th of Ramadaan:
A British mother who lost her precious little girl in the attacks at a concert in Manchester.You do not understand why another human would do this to people.What evil monsters are these people called Muslims? Dear mother may the Almighty open your heart and mind to this question  and may your bleeding heart research on Islam and true Muslims.Soon you will realise the beauty and peace that lies in the essence of Islam and inside every Muslim.May Allah grant you ease and peace of heart, mind and soul.Ameen
A Syrian daughter hugs her parents lifeless bodies as her heart and soul break at the thought of being an orphan.May Allah be your protector as he guides you towards safety and comfort.May Allah ease your grieving heart and rain down his mercy upon you.Ameen
An Iraqi mother begs her 2 year old baby to wake up from his intense slumber,she shakes his tiny body vigorously shouting out his name alas his soul has already departed.May Allah heal your heart and give you comfort in the hope of reuniting with your baby in the gardens of Jannah were you shall never know fear or sorrow ever again.Ameen
A South African wife trembles in fear and covers the ears of her children as she hears the terrifying last screams of her husband being shot by the criminals who invaded their own home in the darkness of the night.May Allah grant your husband Jannah, heal your broken and shattered soul.May Allah give you the stength to be a strong support to your beautiful children.Ameen
A young woman from India screams for help as a gang of men drag her to their vehicle. She prays for death to overcome her as she knows the soul shattering fate that awaits her.May Allah protect you from the evil intentions of these men.May your screams echo to all and justice be done to these monsters in human form.Ameen
A Somalian granny helplessly gives the last piece of bread to her youngest orphan grandchild and promises the others a warm meal in the morning. She hides her tears as she knows she can not fulfil her promise.May Allah grant you barakaah from unknown sources.May the light of eternal happiness enter your heart illuminating your life and may you never go to bed hungry ever again.Ameen
The world that was once pure and peaceful is now burning with anger and rage.The world that was once precious and beautiful is now black with the smoke of bombs and the scent of death.The world that was once innocent and virtuous is now corrupt and evil.The world that was once natural and simple is now artificial and materialistic.The world that was once safe and protected is now dangerous and vulnerable.The world that was once created for us is now being destroyed by us.
To our beautiful world I see you crying oceans of blood and sinking into the depths of darkness, destruction and despair.You are the same world that was artistically created by the artist of all artists.You are the same world that the first man and Prophet, Hazrath Adam (A.S) was sent to.You are the same world that Allah sent all his noble Prophets which include the mercy upon mankind Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) to.You are the same world in which the author of all authors sent down the book of all books to, the Quraan.You are the same world and the same Ummah that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) cried and made dua for day and night.You are the same world Allah created just for us.
May Allah the creator of this precious world protect, save and restore its beauty, peace, happiness, unity and love.May Allah grant us the ability to feel human again and to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters all over the world irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed.Ameen.
Ya Allah bless us with happiness
Ya Allah bless us with peace
Ya Allah bless us with unity
Ya Allah bless us with love
Ya Allah bless us with safety
Ya Allah bless us with courage
Ya Allah bless us with kindness
Ya Allah bless us with gratitude
Ya Allah bless us with humility
Ya Allah bless us with mercy
Ya Allah bless us with forgiveness
Ya Allah bless us with Humanity
By N Chhipa 

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