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Zakaat FAQs Part 3



Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Zakaat (Part 3)


  1. Zayn gave Ashraf his Zakaat to give to Jamaal but Ashraf gave Zayn’s Zakaat to Ali. Is Zayn’s Zakaat valid?


If Zayn appointed Ashraf as his representative to discharge his Zakaat to Jamaal but instead, Ashraf discharged it to Ali, Zayn’s Zakaat will not be discharged and Ashraf will be responsible in discharging Zayn’s Zakaat to Jamaal. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah 9/494/495)


  1. Can a person build a house and give it as Zakaat to a Zakaat recipient?


It is permissible to build a house and give it with the intention of Zakaat to an eligible recipient of Zakaat. (Ahsanul Fataawa 4/300) 

In doing so, the market value should be realised in calculating a persons discharged amount of Zakaat.


  1. Is it permissible to give Zakaat to one’s father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law? Can one give Zakaat to ones brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts?


It is permissible to give Zakaat to ones In-laws i.e. father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law’s, daughter-in-law’s and so on. It is also permissible to give Zakaat to ones brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. In fact, ones close family relatives should be given preference over others in discharging Zakaat.

Zakaat cannot be given to ascendants(e.g. parents, grandparents), descendants (e.g. children, grandchildren) and spouse.


  1. I have a small business and I have a few staff. I cannot afford to pay all my staff their salaries. Can I use Zakaat money to pay them their salaries?
  2. Zakaat money cannot be used to pay an employee his salary. If an employee is an eligible recipient of Zakaat, he may be assisted with Zakaat apart from his salary but Zakaat cannot form part of his salary.

Keeping in mind the rights of employees and the smooth running of a business, employers should employ a sustainable amount of employees and not more than they can manage.

  1. I have a diamond necklace which my husband gave me as a gift. Do I have to pay Zakaat on it ?


No. There is no Zakaat on precious stones or metals besides gold and silver unless they have been purchased with the intention of resale. If your diamond necklace if for personal use, there is no Zakaat on the diamond itself. However, if the necklace is of gold or silver, Zakaat will have to be paid on the gold or silver content only.


  1. Ramadaan will be soon and I usually calculate my Zakaat in Ramadaan. I would like to know how to calculate in on a property. I have invested 200 000 in a property as a shareholder. From this I collect a rental every month. How do I calculate Zakaat on this property?


There is no Zakaat due on property that has not been purchased with the intention of resale (trade). In your situation, since you have purchased a share of property as an investment and not for resale, there is no Zakaat due on your share of the property itself. However, the  dividends that you receive will be subject to Zakaat if you have saved up these funds.


Whatever you have saved up from these dividends will be subject to Zakaat like the rest of your wealth (2.5%) on your due date for Zakaat.


If you have used up all the  funds from these dividends before the due date of Zakaat, there is no Zakaat on these funds.


  1. Zakaat has been due to me in Ramadaan. I have been giving Zakaat on R 20 000.One month ago i have received R10 000. How much should I pay this year in Ramadaan.


If you already possess the Nisaab amount, the amount you receive during the year will be added to your wealth subject to Zakaat even though one complete year has not yet passed on the recently received funds. Therefore, if you possessed R20 000 from last Ramadaan and you now received another R10 000 and you have this amount in your possession on the due date of Zakaat, you will pay Zakaat on R30 000. (Tabyinul Haqa’iq, Vol: 1, Pg: 272)

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