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Tribute to Shaikhul Hadith Moulana Haroon Abasoomar Rahimahullah


1952 – 2020

(Former Ameer of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN)

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon.


The night of the 10 Shawwaal 1441 / 3 June 2020 marked the tragic demise of one of the great Ulama of South Africa, Shaikhul Hadith Moulana Haroon Abasoomar Rahimahullah.


Hadhrat Moulana was a giant in Islamic knowledge especially in the field of Hadith. He was an example of unwavering steadfastness in the service of Deen. He served as Imaam of the Isipingo Beach Masjid for over forty years from the late 1970s until his demise. This remarkable achievement displays not only Moulana’s commitment to his community but also their value and love for him.


Hadhrat Moulana was a true academic. As a student, he studied in the renowned Binnori Town Darul Uloom in Karachi, Pakistan under the tutelage of Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Yusuf Binnori Rahimahullah. His keen intellect and dedication to studying led to him become the first and only South African to achieve the first position in the national board examinations of Darul Ulooms in Pakistan.


Qadhi Mujahidul Islam Rahimahullah, one of the renowned jurists of the Muslim world in the last few decades, whilst visiting South Africa, commented on Hadhrat Moulana’s brilliant intellect and knowledge during his interactions with him.


When Moulana commenced teaching after his return from Pakistan then he was a fountain of knowledge quenching the thirst of thousands of students. Moulana would lecture for hours at a time and would list the various meanings of individual Hadith, at times quoting the deductions of more than ten Muhadditheen (Hadith Masters) regarding a single Hadith from memory alone.


Hadhrat Moulana was at one time the Shaikhul Hadith (the most senior teacher of Hadith) of Madrasah Taleemuddeen in Isipingo Beach and Madrasah Inaamiyyah in Camperdown. He would commence teaching at Madrasah Taleemuddeen and thereafter travel to teach at Madrasah Inaamiyyah before returning home, a round trip of 130km, despite the difficulties of ill-health.


In the latter years of Moulana’s life, he served as Shaikhul Hadith in Madrasah Hameediyyah in Durban as well.


In spite of the senior position Hadhrat Moulana held as Shaikhul Hadith, teaching Saheeh Bukhari to the final year students of the Aalim course, the level of his humility was such that he would, at the same time, teach small children in the Isipingo Beach Maktab (elementary Madrasah).


Hadhrat Moulana excelled and participated in all works of Deen. In the field of Tasawwuf, he was granted Khilaafat (spiritual successorship) by Hadhrat Hakeem Akhtar Saheb Rahimahullah. He gave strong support and encouragement to those involved in Dawah and Tabligh and would devote much time to the Majid Hilaal Markaz.


Hazrat Moulana was very particular when it came to attending Janazah Salaah whether the person was known to him or not. He would try his level best to attend every Janazah.


Hadhrat Moulana loved simplicity in every aspect of life from his home to his car and even in his dressing. At the same time, he was always impeccably well presented in his dressing and would always be seen dressed fully in white wearing a white kurta and topi.


Despite his simplicity, Hadhrat Moulana had an awe-striking personality. Even words spoken softly would bear the power of royal authority. He would never shirk from declaring the truth and defending it.


The Jamiatul Ulama KZN was fortunate to have had a very long-standing relationship with Hadhrat Moulana. He served the Jamiat in many capacities most notably as Secretary of the Jamiat and as the Ameer of the Jamiat from 2004-2007.


Hadhrat Moulana enjoyed an immensely close relationship with Moulana Abdul Haq Omarjee Saheb Rahimahullah, one of the senior most Ulama of South Africa and founder member of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN. He took Moulana Omarjee Rahimahullah as his mentor after his return to South Africa.


In his latter years, Hadhrat Moulana served on the Jamiat’s Executive Committee and would grace the important functions of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN. He inaugurated the official opening of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Skills Development Centre in Overport, Durban on the 8th of November 2017. Hadhrat Moulana spoke highly of the centre and emphasised the importance of replicating such centres throughout the country.


Many of the Ulama who currently serve the Jamiatul Ulama KZN are the students of Hazrat Moulana.


Hadhrat Moulana was a trustee of various institutions, among them the first Darul Uloom in South Africa, Darul Uloom Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal. He was held in great esteem by senior Ulama from across the globe and the many tributes and condolences messages being circulated are testimony to this. He had a very close relationship with many of the Imaams of the Haramain Shareefain. He was greatly honoured by them whenever he visited the blessed lands.


His Janazah Salaah was conducted by Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb, principal of Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Durban, after the Fajr Salaah on Thursday, 4th June 2020. Hadhrat Moulana was laid to rest at the Dayal Road Cemetery in Clairwood, Durban.


He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter and many grandchildren. May Allah Ta’ala grant his family, students, associates and the community of Isipingo Beach Sabrun Jameel (beautiful patience) and Ajrun Azeem (great reward) on this irreplaceable loss.


We have indeed lost one of our great spiritual leaders and giants. May Allah Ta’ala fill Hadhrat Moulana’s grave with Noor, grant him the highest of stages in Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen.


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