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True Love

She grew up reading and watching fairytales and believed in waiting for her very own prince charming and living happily ever after…

As she grew older her idea of true love stemmed from bollywood movies, novels and poetry.

She wholeheartedly believed love to be:

Blissfully walking hand in hand on the beach with her boyfriend

Amazing candlelit date nights ending perhaps in her having ‘that first kiss’

Exchanging extravagant gifts to prove their love for each other.

Celebrating Valentines day in the name of their ‘eternal’ love.

Dressing her best to impress her boyfriend irrespective of her exposing her hair and body.

Secret late night meetings between the lovers, her innocence now being compromised just to please her true love.

Her then boyfriend of five years now becomes her fiancee as they insisted on ‘getting to know’ each other before making Nikkah.

Sadly this fairytale relationship ended in heartbreak and tears… As her Prince charming turned out to be a slimy two timing frog…

Her idea of true love shattered and so did her heart..

True love exists only after marriage:

In the dua at the time of nikkah that he reads so sincerely it brings tears to their eyes.

In the purity of trust that exisits between a husband and wife.

In the unwavering companionship through the struggles and storms of life.

In loving your spouse and standing by them when the entire world seems to be conspiring against you.

In living and loving your spouse through their weakest and darkest hours.

In building and nurturing a beautiful family together.

In finding that bliss and comfort as you embrace your spouse.

In finding your best friend,lover and soul mate.

In the untamed laughter and secret eye code conversations.

In getting to know each other better everyday.

In the unconditional love and mercy that Allah has placed in your hearts for each other.

In being grateful for your spouse as they are your ‘garment ‘ from Allah to protect, cover your faults and honour you.

True Love only exists after marriage, for falling in love before that is purely from shaitaan, never true, never pure and never yours….

By N Chhipa

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