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West continues to shore up deviant Qadianis


Sakeena Suliman – Cii News | 04 March 2014/02 Jumadal Ula 1435

The US and UK thrive on creating divisions. Especially in the Muslim world.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that US lawmakers recently announced a caucus to fight for the rights of the Ahmadiyya/Qadiani minority, who allegedly face attacks in Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere in the Islamic world.

The creation of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus — a group in the US Congress that shares an agenda — will lay the groundwork for lawmakers to be more active.

Ironically the caucus will be chaired by a Republican and Democrat. Republican Frank Wolf said they would press for the rights of Ahmadis in trouble in Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

“We have an obligation. America cannot be silent,” Wolf told an event at Congress launching the caucus. What purpose does Qadianism serve in the Western political agenda to prompt such high level US concern over its continuation?

The Ahmadiyya Movement originated in the Indian subcontinent under the support of British colonialists during the close of the 19th century. Ahmadiyyas are followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Qadiani) of Qadian who laid claim to prophethood. Qadiani founded the movement or rather move-away from Islam in 1889 calling it the Ahamdiyya Muslim Community. He envisioned it to be a revitalisation of Islam.

Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims even though the movement espouses laws which reject core beliefs of Islam. Among their flawed beliefs is the denial of the finality of Nabi Muhammad SAW, a principle of faith endorsed by the Qur’an and Hadith, as well as the consensus of the Companions and scholars. Another disbelief advocated by the group was that Qadiani claimed to be both the mahdi and messiah. The rejection of the second coming of Isa AS and other absurd claims Ulama around the world have ruled to be kufr – disbelief.

Historic evidence proves that Qadiani was engaged in spreading propaganda in support of the tyrannical British Empire of his time. As he confessed in his own reports to his British overlords, he appointed himself to his post of ‘prophethood’ to “remove the spirit of Jihad (struggle for freedom and independence) from the mind of ignorant Muslims”.

Qadianism was created and is being promoted and protected by the Western enemies of Islam for the sole purpose of weakening and dividing Muslims. A major “principle” of Qadianism that makes it vastly different from Islam is its transparent pursuit of pacifying masses into obeying oppressive rulers with immoral and unjust interests.

Every Qadiani must be willing to sacrifice their wealth and life for the Government – which at the time was the British Empire – in charge, regardless of the actions of the regime. Qadianis cannot participate in demonstrations and Jihad against an oppressive or unjust Government and must follow every teaching of their false prophet, Qadiani, even when it is in clear contradiction to the teachings of Islam. Qadianis are expected to hold Qadian, India and Rabwah, Pakistan as their holy cities.

In addition to the direct destructive Western tactics employed to attack Islam, its most poisonous methods have been its indirect attack. Tactics such as concealed support of organisations and individuals who reject Islamic doctrine through false publications against the character of Nabi Muhammad SAW, the authenticity of the Noble Quraan and Hadith, imprisoning legitimate Muslim scholars on false charges, planting pseudo-scholars who preach a very destructive and baseless version of Islam, creating divisive, extremist, and heretic movements and sects within Islam and placing new and alternative man-made “religions”.

These methods are inexpensive but as they are crafted to control people and blind them to true equality and justice, they pose the biggest long term threat. The result could be the brainwashing of Muslim generations until Muslims – or those who believe themselves to be Muslims – cannot distinguish truth from falsehood.

The Qadiani movement boasts millions of followers. An international Ahmadiyya conference is held every year advertising well known adherents. The conference claims to share the teachings of Islam. The UK also hosts such a conference declaring the rejection of extremism. Their community is highly praised by the mayor of London and the Prime Minister of Canada. It is ironic that the blasphemous movements from Islam are often praised by Western elites.

The biggest refutation to Qadiani’s claim is in the words of warning of our beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW, “The Hour will not come … until nearly thirty “dajjals” (liars) appear, each one claiming to be a messenger from Allah.” (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)

A few have already made the claim. Qadiani is one of them.

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