Unfortunately as Muslims we prefer western secular education over Divine Shariah Islamic Education and Knowledge of ALLAH and Nabi  صلى الله عليه و سلم. We will send our children to school 5 days a week minumum from 7am to 3 pm for 12 years and then university for another 6 years, all to earn some rands and cents of this temporary world. Yet we will leave them bankrupt in the Akhirah by not sending them to Maktab after school Madrasah which equips them with the basic foundations of Islam which will make them Successful in this temporary world and the Everlasting Life of the Hereafter. Even if we do send them to Madrasah, we will only send them for a few years and when they Really need the Islamic education in their Teens and during Secondary School, we remove them from Maktab Madrasah or we look for designer ” Drive Thru “ madrasahs where we can send our kids for 15 or 20 mins a week to learn some Quran.

Wake Up O Muslim Parent!!!!! Dont Deprive your beloved kids an Everlasting Peace and Joy In Jannah for a few rands and cents in this short life. Secular education has its importance and We need Muslim professionals in every field. However DON’T Prefer western secular education over Islamic Divine Education. This is short sightedness on our path.


1) As soon as a child becomes a year old, we
start buying toys for him or instilling the love of
pictorial objects or cartoons into him…

2) The mother begins to teach him/her baby that: A is for Apple and B is for Ball, but doesn’t teach her
baby that A is for Allah and B is for Bismillah continuously.

2)At the age of two or three, we take him into a
day-care centre where his Western education
journey begins.

3) At the age of 3, s/he is in nursery 1 or KG 1.
Children ordinarily don’t like going to schools ‘cos
they are not used to it. They prefer the company
of Mummy at home. That’s why they all cry when going to school.

4) The child begins to observe:

‪#‎Everyday‬ my mummy prepares me for school

‪#‎Under‬ the sun or in the rain

‪#‎I‬ have a unique uniform for school

‪#‎With‬ time, the kid begins to love “schooling” because it looks to him like the utmost reason of

-5) At the age of 5, he is in Primary one:

#Everyday, the parents wakes him up for school
but not for fajr

‪#‎He‬ is quickly bathed on school days but not during

‪#‎His‬ hair is combed and his nails trimmed so that he won’t be beaten in school for dirtiness

#Everyday his assignments are checked by his parents but no one bothers about his Islamiyyah assignments

#His school fees are paid on time bt no one
cares about his Islamiyyah dues.

‪#‎The‬ father takes him to school early “before”
assembly but the father doesn’t take him to Juma’ah early “before” the Khutbah.

#The child begins to reason about all these. So he becomes more inclined to school than Islamiyyah!

6) When exams are approaching, the parents be like:

“Hey, no sleeping tonight, you gotta read, you must
come first in class”

‪#‎So‬ the child begins to burn the night candles but no one orders him to wake up for tahajjud, “…he should be tired. After all, he READ overnight…!!!”

##His parents be like:

“I will buy WHATEVER you want for you if you come out with flying colours”

But, alas!!! no one makes such promises concerning his Islamiyyah exams.

#‪#‎During‬ exam periods, parents be like:
Hey, no more TV until you finish your exams, no more visiting of friends, no more football bla bla bla.

###So the child begins to see exam periods as a
kinda mini judgement day!
This is how a child’s impression about Western
education is “conditioned” to look so great to him as if its the first purpose of creation!

On the long run, the child begins to think wild,
read wide about life and worldly things, but
hardly thinks about the hereafter.

1) He doesn’t cry when going to school anymore ‘cos he is used to staying away from home.
Because of this, he wants a boarding school or he
wants admission into a uni that’s far away from
home! (Especially our Muslim girls)!!

2) They don’t wanna be under mum’s control
anymore. They wanna become their own “boss”!

3) When a teenager gets an admission into any
institution, he goes crazy, jubilating, and celebrating but when he is given an admission into an Halqah (study circle), he doesn’t even
wear a smile on his face!

3) They now have big dreams, career obsession, “I wanna become a Professor by all means”, but the young lad doesn’t care about becoming a scholar of the Deen!
And the parents too be like:
‘If u come out wit first class, I will send you to
“America” for your Masters’…

4) The child’s obsession about western education
increases the more!
So s/he wants to earn dat first class by all means,
even by offering herself to the lecturer or sorting
his lecturer!

4) That’s why you see that when Undergraduates
finally graduate from the University after their final
exams, they go crazy, jubilating, staining their
shirts wit markers, dancing, jumping, partying as if they have won a ticket to Jannah, you won’t blame them, that’s because western education has been made to look like a TROPHY to them!

5) They are graduates and their spoken English is
mindblowing but they can’t recite Suratul Faatihah with Tajweed!

6) They contest and compete for SUG presidents, class monitors, school association Presidents. But when it comes to Sallah, they go and stay at the last line!

7) When its time for NYSC, the Muslim girls won’t hesitate to wear bum-shots and t-shirts, they “happily” run, jog and do exercises with men,
dance and partake in MissNYSC because they don’t give a damn what the religion says about all these because they already believe “anything” is worth sacrificing for education to prevail.

#‪#‎Because‬ education has been made to look like a
competition while religion has been made to
look like an “option”!

1) This obsession, makes our women refuse to
get married until they have bagged degrees and

2) It makes d men lazy to prepare for marriage
until they have gotten a well paying job, a car, a
house and a professorship.

3) It makes our women quote western “proverbs”
often rather than quoting Ahaadith.

4) Our children love soccer, artistes and
celebrities but they can’t mention 10 Companions of the Prophet

5) Our children now have a whole room full of
novels, western books, encyclopedias and the
likes but the only islamic book they have at home is
the Quran!

6) Our kids now think, being an “elite” is the
ultimate success while those “Imams” are
illiterates who are losers in this world!

7) When that student finally gets a job, he becomes “obsessed” with it too at the detriment
of his Deen.

8) He goes to work everyday including sundays

9) He is always on business trips

10) He leaves home for work before his kids wake
up and he goes back home late when his kids
are already asleep.

11) During Subhi, he is on his way speeding to
work, during Dhuhr, he is busy wit office duty,
during Asr he is in a board meeting, during
maghrib he is just closing for d day, during Isha,
he is stuck in the traffic jam, when he gets home
he combines all his Salawaat “if” he has the

In summary, this is the kind of AQEEDAH that
our obsession for western education has instilled
in us, if not for the timely guidance that Alllah
has bestowed on us, how many are people out
there who are still wallowing in this pool of ignorance thinking dey are d successful ones?
Am not saying we shouldn’t go to sch, surely
islam encourages education but not to the
extreme or at d detriment of Deen!

Suggest the possible solution yourselves as two good heads are better than one!

May Allah forgive and guide us, amen!

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