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What Does Love Look Like To You?


We all know that emotions don’t have any physical form or shape or definitive meaning for that matter. They mean different things to different people on different occasions.

I think that part of finding your peace is to get comfortable with the understanding that you won’t always live-up to everyone else’s definition of whatever emotional need they’re currently experiencing because you’re human and you don’t have all the solutions. And you don’t need to. Re-read that last sentence and get comfortable with it, write it down if you like. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

People won’t always present you with the emotional responses you’re looking for. And that’s okay. Because whilst we all thrive when we receive the love and emotional care our souls yearn for; we do not allow our happiness to be totally dependent on something someone else may or may not give us. Maybe happiness, like love, is a gift we must give ourselves before anyone else can give them to us.

The people around us don’t know how much of sincerity we have but their hearts can always perceive the purity of our intentions. (Take a moment to appreciate the love that your loved ones have for you. Your kids, spouse, siblings may drive you mad but they love you in a way that no other human can).

We don’t question the sacrifices we make for our loved ones and maybe that’s because when we set aside our notions of love, for the ones we love, we begin to realise that often, our deepest feelings are the guides we’ve been searching for.

Looking around I’ve been privileged (as have you, no doubt) to witness many teachers of pure love…

The mother who skips a meal so that her hungry child will have something to eat

The father who gives his jacket to his little girl even though it’s cold and he’ll get soaked in the rain

The wife who waits for her husband to get home so that they can share a meal together

The husband who might not remember to get her flowers and chocolates but will move mountains to be there for his wife when she needs him the most

The parents who relinquish their dreams so that their children can pursue theirs

The stranger who buys a homeless person a meal

The salesperson who works 10-hour shifts so that her child can get a good education

The toddler who will get a scolding from her mum/dad and even be reduced to tears, but will never ever think of loving her parents any less

Acts of pure love aren’t always celebrated by large crowds or captured by a photographer. The heroes and heroines of everyday life don’t see their names on billboards. Society doesn’t know them or acknowledge them. Whether we know it or not, we respect them because they don’t ask whether their sacrifices are logical or financially rewarding. Their actions answer the one question our souls ask us daily, “Have you loved truly?”

P.S. (Maybe we’re not supposed to know what Love looks like so that we don’t restrict it to just one form.So that we don’t express it in just one way. Maybe we’re supposed to stop worrying about the definition and immerse ourselves in finding ways to live it)

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