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What is Sabr?


Sabr literally means ‘endurance’ or more accurately ‘perseverance’ and ‘persistence‘.

It teaches us to remain spiritually steadfast and to keep doing good actions in the personal and collective domain, specifically when facing opposition or encountering problems, setbacks, or unexpected and unwanted results. It is patience in face of all unexpected and unwanted outcomes.

Sabr does not only mean ‘to wait till it is over’!

-Sabr is suppressing that angry voice in your head, the one that wants you to yell at people for being inconsiderate to you and your struggles.

-Sabr is swallowing this voice, overcoming it and learning to channel it towards a heartfelt dua instead.

-Sabr is forgiving someone when they dismiss your feelings.

-Sabr is meeting those who deserted you, with a smile on your lips, even though your tears are only a step away from exposing your real feelings.

-Sabr is staying silent because you have already stated your point too many times before.

-Sabr is conforming to someone’s demand because of their rights over you.

-Sabr is fulfilling the rights of others even when they transgress against yours.

-Sabr is crying about your heartache in front of Allàh alone and no one else.

-Sabr is believing wholeheartedly that Allàh has beautiful things in store for you.

-Sabr is crawling forward even when you want to stop.

-Sabr is an active state of being, it is not a theory to simply be discussed and forgotten.

And it is worth it! 

Every single second of it is so worth it because Allàh loves the ones who are patient and forbearing!

And it’s worth going through the worst of the worst if it means that it will gain you Allàh’s love.

MB Ahmed

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