Cii News | 25 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/15 April 2015

At least five people have been killed in areas around Durban during several days of looting and violence against foreigners. In Durban’s CBD on Tuesday, a car was set alight and police fired rubber bullets, stun grenades and teargas canisters in clashes between looters and foreigners. Several makeshift refugee camps have sprung up for affected foreigners across the province, amidst reports that the Somali and Malawian governments are preparing to repatriate their citizens to spare them further harm.

As key role players within South Africa’s democracy, local Ulama have been vocal in their criticism of this latest wave of hostilities, seeking a return of law and order, whilst advocating for the root causes of such mayhem to be addressed.

In the wake of the latest xenophobic outbreak, a number of scholars have suggested that the time is ripe for excessive Dua and deep introspection.

Below are a collection of messages from leading Ulama and Muslim community leaders, compiled by Cii Radio.

If we do not take what is happening very seriously and we do not refocus and be receptive to the feelings of the people out there, then matters could turn out even more drastic, and we too could become victims(May Allah SWT Protect us). Let us reaffirm that Allah SWT is the sole Protector and Provider. Let us each make an intention to utilise our wealth for the benefit of mankind. Let us not be self-centred, only concerned about our own well being. Rather, let us put our acumen and assets to the service of humanity at large. Let us step up our Da’wah efforts and ask: What can we do to benefit mankind?

We are not in this country for making a livelihood alone, our primary purpose is to call people to Allah SWT. If we fulfill our responsibilities, Allah SWT will protect us and safety will prevail in our land.

We need to make collective Tawbah. We need to find ways and means to empower and uplift local indigenous communities, who are living in and around us. It is unsustainable for us to be living in oppulence whilst barely a few kilometers away, families are struggling to find their next meal. The ways in which we spend our wealth in lavish exercises leaves a very damp feeling in the hearts of those who are less fortunate. Return to a life of Sunnah and simplicity. Make Dua that Allah SWT protect us all – MOULANA ABDULLAH KHAN, JAMIATUL ULAMA KZN


There are many local South Africans who do not have jobs, whereas foreigners are very united and pool resources together for their collective empowerment. When the local people witness this, this give rise to sentiments such as ‘Foreigners are stealing our jobs’.

We need to go back to the townships and rural areas, and work with all parties including foreigners to get the masses out of poverty. Let us play a facilitating role in diffisuing tensions and finding solutions. – ABED CARRIM, AL IMDAAD FOUNDATION


We are appalled and shocked by the recent xenophobic attacks on
foreigners in our country. The loss of life and destruction of property is
deeply regretted. This madness has to stop immediately. Xenophobia is
racism outright, which should not be tolerated by any civilized society. We
commend the leaders who took a bold stance and spoke out strongly
against this scourge. The announcement by government of a national
conference on xenophobia is welcomed. Civic society should play its role by
ensuring that it does not allow manifestations of xenophobia to be tolerated,
just as racism is not tolerated. People need to speak out against it. The
factors that lead to the xenophobic attacks, though unjustifiable as a basis,
need to be understood and addressed. Poverty, unemployment, rising costs,
lack of basic amenities and so on, are leading to impatience and frustrations
among the underprivileged people who are misdirecting their anger towards
the wrong targets. The government, in partnership with the private sector,
need to urgently address these issues before matters spiral out of control.
Civic society needs to play a role here as well, by sharing with the poor, with
compassion and sympathy to the plight of the poor and needy – MUFTI ZUBAIR BAYAT – DARUL IHSAN CENTRE


Darul Ihsan Centre urges the entire community to turn to Allah in these difficult days. Let us all recite Yaseen Shareef in the homes and collectively in the Masajid and make dua for safety and peace in our country. Let us all repent sincerely from all sins and engage in abundance of istighfaar. Let us all give sadaqah especially to support the refugees and needy – DARUL IHSAN CENTRE


​To be read seven times after every fardh for protection from all enemies
and harms

For protection from every sort of fear read the durood sharif below
regularly morning and evening

صَلِّ عَلى مُحَمَّدٍ النَّبِىِّ كَمَاتُحِبُّ

وَتَرْضٰى اَنْ يُصَلّٰى عَلَيْهِ

Salle ala muhammadi nin nabiyyil Ka ma tuhibbu wa tarda AY yusalla alayhi
Everyone requested to start reading in abundance – MOULANA SHABEER SALOOJEE, DARUL ULOOM ZAKARIYYA


Al Imdaad Foundation urges all Imams to read Qunoote Nazilahin light of the current situation in Kwazulu Natal –  AL IMDAAD FOUNDATION