Ebrahim Moosa – Cii News | 10 Dhul Qa’dah 1436/26 August 2015

Indian based scholar and renowned leadership consultant, Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig has lashed out at what he has described as a trend of shameful opulence taking grip in many Muslim societies around the globe.

In a hard hitting interview with Cii Radio, Baig highlighted the growth of lavishness in response to a question on where Muslims should find the funds to support advocacy and activist movements, when there already were so many urgent causes competing for the community’s finances.

“There is a huge amount of money that is available. That should be used to alleviate immediate suffering. (I am saying that) there is so much of Muslim funds that is simply being thrown down the drain,” Baig said, with particular reference to Muslim wedding ceremonies.

“If you simply look at the amount of money that Muslims throw down the drain in ostentatious weddings, in shopping, it is billions of dollars..It is absolutely horrendous the amount of money that just goes down the drain in these, all kinds of Haraam customs that come into Muslim weddings that have nothing to do with Islam whatsoever”.

The international speaker also listed lavish spends on luxury cars and other “toys” as further evidence of this problem.

“If you have wealth, Allah SWT did not give it to you to just spend on ostentation, and the reality is that no matter how you much you want to show off there is another mentally retarded creature like you who has more, so what? You are spending 1 million on a car, there is some idiot who is spending 10 million dollars on an emerald or a ruby from Harrods. Spend your wealth to buy a piece of Jannah, instead of spending it to buy a depreciating asset, which is going to become a piece on a junk heap anyway”.

Advocating a bold stance to address such rampant “commercialism”, Baig said he felt it was “absolutely critical” to “actively boycott the events of people who spend money in these ways.

Say: ‘We are not going to come to your wedding if it is not a Shari wedding – and a Shari wedding costs ‘nothing’. If you are going to spend money in an ostentatious wedding, sorry we are not going to come there’

He hailed the recently reported instance of a newly-wed Turkish couple who chose to feed hundreds of Syrian refugees instead of hosting a wedding reception as a “great symbolic gesture”.

Channeling Muslim funds towards such avenues, Baig said, would be good not only for the people being helped but moreso for those who would otherwise be spending such wealth trivially.

“We spend a lot of time and energy feeling bad about what the Zionists are doing,” he said, referring to lobbying efforts in the US and elsewhere. “We forget the fact that they are doing it for themselves, what stops us from doing the same thing for ourselves?” he added, lending his support to long-term advocacy campaigns such as BDS.

It starts in you own home. Take an oath on Allah SWT that: ‘I will not go to an ostentatious wedding, and I will not do an ostentatious wedding for my own child.’ Boycott all ostentatious weddings. Even if the person involved shares a close relation. Allah SWT called those who waste, the brothers of Shayateen, and hence the bonds of kinship have to take a backseat when one is doing something which is Haraam in the eyes of Allah SWT at that wedding..You will see the effect”.

LISTEN to the full interview with Yawar Baig HERE