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Divorce (Talaaq)


Nasihah (Advice): Divorce: Allah’s Messenger Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam said, “Divorce is the most hated of all lawful (halaal) things in the sight of Allah” (Sunan Abu Dawud, no. 2178). Q. Could I please have more information with regards to Shariah around the custody of children if a couple has …

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Q&A Marriage Mail

Question: I am married for 22 years. My husband enjoys me showing him love, but he doesn’t like to show me the same kind of love towards me. There are many places in which they say you must show your love to your wife, and even tell her that you …

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Second marriage without Talaaq

Question and Answer: Q. I married the second time without getting a divorce from the first husband. We fell apart and decided not to see each other anymore, but he didn’t give me a talaq. In half a year I married another man. After that I became unsure whether the …

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Issuing Talaaq in the mind

Q. My Husband and I were having an argument so left the room because the situation was getting a bit intense. Later on, we apologized to each other. My husband then informed me that after I had left the room, he had told himself in his mind that he has …

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3 Talaqs

Question and Answer: Q. My husband gave me divorce, i.e. he told me thrice that he divorced me. But we had no witnesses. I was told that such divorce doesn’t count. (There may be grammatical and spelling errors in the above question. Questions are published as received) A. Although it …

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Nikah terminates upon either spouse renouncing Islam

Question:  A couple was married for 3 years. The female was born Muslim & the male was a revert. They are separated for over 1 year & the male has gone back to Christianity. What does the girl do in this case as there is one child out of this …

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