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Sri Lankan government moves to outlaw burka & close 1,000 madrasahs

After finally being forced to reverse its unacceptable and degrading policy of cremating the bodies of all Covid-related deaths, the Sri Lankan government has introduced a new measure that again targets Muslims: a ban on the burka. [1] [2] Sarath Weerasekera, Minister for Public Security, shared the development at a news …

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Al-Aqsa: The Blessed Land: Part 2

Mar 10, 2021 Reasons Why Muslims Love Al Aqsa Palestine in general, and Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Masjid have always been prominent in Islamic thought throughout its history. This has been due to several factors and reasons. The first reason: Its Sacredness and Sanctity in Islamic Teachings Its sanctity is matched …

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Al-Aqsa: The Blessed Land: Part 1

Aqsa Week 6th – 12th March 2021 Aqsa Week will coincide with al-Isra wal-Miraj to bring the love of Al-Aqsa to the global community under the banner of #LoveAqsa. Aqsa Week is about creating conversations on why we #LoveAqsa The aim is to deliver an exciting educational week in order …

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UN human rights commissioner condemns Chinese genocidal acts towards Uyghurs

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has called out China for its sickening treatment of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang, and has condemned the Chinese government’s increasingly heavy-handed approach towards Hong Kong. [1] On Friday, Bachelet said that the Chinese Communist Party leadership is curbing inalienable political …

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Sri Lanka to allow burials for Muslims following international backlash

COVID-19: Posted by: Muhammad Mussa The Sri Lankan government on Wednesday allowed Muslims who have died from COVID-19 the right to be buried after an international outcry over the government’s decision to cremate those who have succumbed to the virus. Prime minister Malinda Rajapaksa and his right-wing government had made it …

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Israeli attack razes village, leaving 41 children homeless

In the violation deemed illegal under international law, the Israeli military left 74 people homeless, 41 of whom are children. Late on Tuesday, IDF soldiers used bulldozers and diggers to demolish nearly 90 Palestinian homes in the northern village of Khirbet Husma, West Bank. The Israeli demolition squad used bulldozers …

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