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Jamiat Projects

Toilet To Tap Water Soon For Durban- Urgent Action Required

Durban plans to become the First South African City to purify and recycle sewage water into drinking-quality tap water and officials are urging residents to comment on the proposal as soon as possible. Durban Residents are urged to complain against this proposal. Golder Associates state: Numerous studies show that conventional …

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20 Days in Russia

Official Report of the Russian Fatwa Book Distribution Background to the Russian project: The project commenced in 2009 when we had teamed up with some concerned brothers in Russia and opened the service of answering peoples questions from Russia. This was done through the Russian website askimam.ru which was established …

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Malawi Quraan Distribution Report

Malawi Quraan Distribution Report On Friday September 07, 2012 a delegation of 7 members consisting of a doctor, an attorney, a few businessmen and an Alim from the Jamiat KZN Office departed from Masjid Hilaal for Malawi via road to oversee the distribution of Qur’an Shariefs a project of the …

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