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Syria Relief Phase 2 Report- Jamiat Kzn- Updated



It is only through the grace of Allah Ta’ala that the Jamiat has successfully completed its second phase of the Syria Relief Project. A total of 220 740.20 Euros (R3.2 million) was spent assisting homeless Syrian refugees with durable hard wearing, waterproof, spacious and comfortable tents for approximately 600 families on the Turkish / Syrian border area of Killis city in the South of Turkey. The Jamiat KZN team together with the Ameer of the Jamiat personally oversaw the completion of this project.

Syria Tent 1 Syria Tent 2 Syria Tent 3


We are indebted to Kimse Yokmu, the second largest NGO in Turkey with 41 offices spanning across Turkey, in assisting the Jamiat undertake this humanitarian effort of bringing relief to the suffering refugees. The situation in Syria can be described as one of the worst human disasters in current history!


The Jamiatul Ulama KZN takes this opportunity to thank our donors and well-wishers across the globe and particularly in South Africa for having made this possible with the help of Allah. There are officially 750 000 refugees in Turkey and in the major border city of Killis, the refugees now outnumber the local Turkish population. The Turkish government has established almost 22 official refugee camps across different areas and has spent over 2 Billion Dollars assisting the Syrian refugees.


We met with senior government officials in Killis and they have appealed to us for assistance in feeding and maintaining the refugees in their country whom they have welcomed with open arms in every level of society from government to the man on the street. (Further details as well as relief pictures will soon be available on our website.)


A special appeal has been made for Sehri and Iftaar assistance for the coming month of Ramadaan. We appeal to our donors to contribute Lillah, Zakaat and Sadaqah to feed the servants of Allah, our brothers and sisters, this coming Ramadaan. We also intend distributing milk costing about R12.50 a litre to every family daily in a refugee camp that houses 4000 people. A hundred rand will purchase 8 litres of milk providing 8 families with a litre a day. May Allah Ta’ala reward your generous assistance.



Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Salaam has stated, “The best of people is the one who brings the greatest benefit to mankind.”


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Banking Details:


Nedbank, Argyle Road (131426)
Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) Relief Account
Account Number: 1355 154049
Reference: Syria Relief (Specify Lillah or Zakaat)


Surplus funds will be used for relief wherever and whenever the need arises.


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