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Dawah Department Report 2021

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The Dawah desk resumed operation after laying dormant for a few years following the demise of Hajee Dawood Sithole (Rahimahullah). Alhamdulillah, it is now operating full throttle by the grace of Allah Ta’ala. The services of the Dawah desk are tailor made to suit the needs of the indigenous Muslims; primarily, although the scope is much wider than that.

The Dawah Desk offers the following services:

  1. Classes for revert classes which is in three phases:
    • Introductory classes these are held weekly at the office. The basics of Deen are taught to the brothers who come in. Basic Fiqh is taught, (for further information on the syllabus contact the persons in charge). (Every Friday)
    • Support program where the brothers are advised on living as Muslims, baring patiently through the trials they face etc. (every alternate Saturday)
    • The follow up program where the brothers are contacted following their studies. (After +- 4 months)
  2. Scheduled visits to conduct programs in co-operate environments, Schools, centres etc.
  3. Translation of Islamic literature to the local language.
  4. Social media updates on various Deeny topics.
  5. Publishing of Islamic literature in the isiZulu Language. (In Progress)
  6. Online (virtual) classes. (Coming Soon, inshallah)
  7. Audio assisted learning shared on the various social platforms. (Coming Soon)


So far over a period of two months we have had at least 2 walk-ins from people wishing to enquire about Islam. We have at the moment 3 brothers attending the classes weekly.

There has been multiple calls from various business owners and other well-wishers who expressed their happiness over this initiative.

We make dua Allah Ta’ala accepts this effort and increases enthusiasm of accepting Islam amongst the local Muslims and the whole world at large, Ameen.


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