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Incident on the Miraculous nature of the Quran

Hazrat Moulana Zulfiqaar Saheb Naqshbandi mentioned the following in one of his lectures. A Pakistani Hindu fell ill having contracted cancer of the blood. The hospital authorities discharged him when they had lost all hope of his recovery. At home he remained troubled and sad. The thought always lingering in his mind that soon he will die.


One day while sitting with his wife he expressed his sadness, his worry and anxiety that his illness, had reached such a stage where there was no hope of recovery. The wife made him promise that she will make efforts for his treatment if he will do whatever she tells him. He questioned that when the hospital authorities have lost all hope what chances are there for her to provide him with a treatment? She was confident and with conviction said that if he promises her then she is certain that he will recover and regain complete health. He agreed to comply with whatever she requested him to do. She brought a jug of water and began reciting something and blowing into this water and she asked him to drink from that water and she told him that whenever he feels thirsty he should consume this water from the jug. He did as instructed and very shortly he began to feel a difference in his health. He went for a blood test and to his utter astonishment; he was informed that there was no trace of the cancer in his blood. His wife asked him to have another blood test so as to verify the initial reading. The results of the second test also proved conclusively that he had completely recovered.


Perplexed, he went to his wife and enquired as to what the real matter was, what had she read? What was this water that she had given him? She responded that he was her husband and he had promised to do as she told him. Now that he has recovered he should recite the Kalimah and become a Muslim. This Hindu was stunned at what his wife had said, and staring in astonishment at her, said that he least expected her to make such a request. The wife insisted that now as he has recovered he should fulfill his promise. The husband questioned her if she was a Muslim? The wife responded in the affirmative. The husband said that he knew her father to be a staunch Hindu who does his utmost to convert others to the Hindu faith.


Furthermore, it is his assumption that her father would murder her by slitting her throat if he learns of her conversion. When she was a member of such a family, how did she convert to Islam? The wife responded that this is a long story which she will tell him later but first he should recite the Kalimah and accept belief in the formula: ‘There is none worthy of worship besides Allah and that Nabi Kareem Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam is the messenger of Allah,” then she will explain the circumstances of her conversion. The husband had no alternative but to comply and fulfill his promise.


Thereafter the wife began narrating her story……

to be continued in the next issue….

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