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My Love Story


It wasn’t love at first sight. That would have been impossible, considering I’ve never ever seen Him. But I know Him, far better than anyone I might have met in person.

We speak a lot lately. Sometimes, He’ll talk to me for over an hour and I’ll simply sit and listen. He can make me smile and laugh, cry and weep all at once. At other times, I’ll be the one doing the talking and He’ll listen attentively and give me the comfort I need.

Somehow, He’s always there when I need Him most. He knows all the right things to say when I’ve had an argument with my best friend and He’ll even tell me when I’m in the wrong and how to make it right. I can’t deny that each day I fall deeper in love with Him.

Lately, we’ve been speaking till late in the night and in the early hours of the morning. The summer nights are the best because our conversations end later and start earlier. He always puts a smile on my face and it’s with great reluctance that we have to eventually cut our conversation short so that I can get some sleep.

He’s the last thought on my mind before I sleep and the first on my mind when I awaken. And some days when I’m so tired that I sleep through my alarm, He’ll make sure to awaken me so we can have our early morning talk.

It’s taking a while, but we’re organising our first meeting. Not that I plan on being apart from Him after that. The day that I meet Him will be the day that all my dreams come true. He completes me in a way no one else ever could.

Every quality that He has is unmatched. His honesty is unsurpassed, His brilliance incomparable, His justice unique, His generosity unrestrained and His love unlimited. And I know that when I see His appearance for the first time, I’ll be so struck with awe at His beauty that I’ll be unable to look away.

But the best part is, He is not struck by the limitation of loving just one person. There is enough for you as well, so make the most of it. If you take a step towards Him, He’ll hasten towards you. My beloved Allah does not hold back.

Speak to Him with du’aa and let Him speak to you with Qur’aan. Have a conversation with Him in salaah. You don’t need an appointment; despite His greatness, He holds court with everyone, beggar and king alike. Love Him as He deserves to be loved and He will love you back more than you could ever imagine. It is one guaranteed happy ever after!

By: Daee ilal Haqq

My Love Story

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