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The composition of Rave music

This article is a continuation of the article “Rave Culture” which appeared in the last issue of the Al-Jamiat.

In the “Altered State” they also write, “The rave scene is the first step to re-awakening. You dance for hours to Shamanic tribal drumming, that clears your heads of all your conditioning and your mind is opened. Then you’ve got to re-programme it with a different ‘philosophy.” This re-programming is done through the music.

RAVE MUSIC has both, front track messages and backtrack messages. Its objective is to re-programme the listeners mind with very clear and direct messages to become obedient to shaytaan. Examples of some of the lyrics of the songs are:

1. I am the D.E.V.I.L., follow me I will take you where you belong.

2. The singer Ozzy Osbourne of the music group Black Sabbath in one of his lyrics chants: “Now I have you with me in my power. Our love grows stronger now with every hour. Look into my eyes and you’ll see who I am. My name is Lucifer, please take my hand.” (Lucifer is the biblical name for shaytaan)

3. One song very clearly has the Arabic words of the Azaan “ Hayaa alal Falaah.”

4. “Follow me” – “Space frog” —- “Can you feel me, follow me, can you feel me, come to me my children, and I shall give unto you riches beyond your wildest dreams, follow me, I am the light day shines, can you feel me, come closer to the speaker, follow me, I shall guide you to the promised land, I’ve seen it, the mountain tops, look my children, look up into the sky, you tell me what you see, follow me, come to me my children, you can have it all, this is what you need, I got what you need, I am the light, the sun that shines on your face, I can guide you to the promised land, follow me.”

These are examples of just some of the music. Others carry the nature of filthy, vulgar and lewd lyrics that encourage every type of immorality. Besides the direct invitation towards Satanism, open inciting is done through the music towards every Haraam one can think of. Words like “don’t stop raving” or “don’t stop rocking”, ‘satan,’ ‘Lucifer,’ ‘ecstasy’ and similar words are repeated over and over again. The same story or message is given with different music, so that it, may penetrate and settle in the heart, thereby creating Nifaaq (Hypocrisy) and destroying a persons Imaan.

It is reported that one Muslim youngster whilst dancing was saying, “Lucifer is the king” “Lucifer is the king”. On being questioned by his friend with regards to what he was saying he replied, “Just leave me alone, I am enjoying myself.”

Nabi Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam has said that, “Music creates Nifaaq (Hypocrisy) in the heart.” In another Hadeeth  Nabi Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam has said that, “I have been sent to destroy music and musical instruments.”

Music has an indelible and lasting impact on a person’s state of mind, body and soul. It is mentioned in a magazine “The Servamus” that: Music consists of melody, lyrics and harmony. Musical instruments comprise of instruments of percussion, string and wind.

a) The melody and the instruments of percussion speak to the body.
b) The lyrics and the string instruments speak to the soul.
c) The harmony and the wind instruments speak to the spirits.

Thereafter, in the same magazine it is stated, “Satan still possesses his God given ability to make music and is using it today with great success to advance his kingdom.” Music is a quick and easy way to destroy any society. We should avoid all venues where music is played and instill the hatred of music in the hearts and impressionable minds of our little ones whilst they are still in their very formative years.

May Allah Ta’aala protect our youth from the Rave Clubs and the evils associated with it, Aameen

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