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The Spiritual Sickness – Greed


Advice of Shaykh Moulana Maseehullaah Khan Rahimahullaah

Allah Ta’aala says: “Do not cast your eyes on those things which We bestowed as an enjoyment to different kinds of people.” (Suratul  Hijr , verse 88)

Rasulullaah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “Man becomes old, while two things of his increase: greed for wealth and greed for [longer] life.” (Bukhaari and Muslim)

The Nature of Greed

The engrossment of the heart with wealth, etc. is hirs or greed. Greed is the root of all ailments. It is therefore proper to describe it as the mother of all maladies. This is because all disputes and strife are the consequences of this greed. It is because of greed that court cases and counter court cases take place. If people did not have the greed for wealth, no one would trample the rights of others.
Even the cause of immorality is the greed for pleasure. The root of Akhlaaq-e-radheelah (base and despicable qualities) is also this very greed.

The Aarifeen (those who have truly recognized Allah Ta’aala) maintain that the source of Akhlaaq-e-radheelah is pride. And pride is synonymous to the greed for name and fame/position/power . Thus, the source of pride is greed as well.

It is the natural temperament of man that even if he possesses two valleys filled with wealth, wherein gold and silver are flowing like water, he will still desire a third. The more the demands of greed are satisfied, the greater will be its demands – like a person afflicted with a rash. The more he scratches, the worse the rash becomes. Allah Ta’aala says:
“Does man ever receive whatever he desires?” (Suratun Najm, verse 24)

In other words, it is not possible for man to fulfil all his desires. It is for this reason that the greedy person has no peace of mind. Nothing but the soil [grave] will satiate his greed. This is because before a wish can attain fulfilment, another develops. When he is not content with his lot (taqdeer), his heart desires that this should be fulfilled and that should be fulfilled, and so on. It is obvious that it is most difficult to fulfil all these desires and wishes. The result of non-fulfilment of a desire is frustration and worry. Although the greedy person may outwardly have children, wealth and everything else, his heart is perpetually afflicted with anxiety.


1.    Reduce expenditure so that there is no concern to earn more.
2.    Do not concern yourself with the future and as to what would happen.
3.    Bear in mind that the greedy and covetous person is always in need and held in contempt.

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