“And remember the favour of Allah upon you when you were enemies and He joined your hearts together, so that, by His grace you became Bretheren (In faith).”
(Surah Ale-Imraan, verse: 103)
Jaabir Radiyallaahu anhu has reported that Rasullullaah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam addressed us saying, “O People! Indeed Your Rabb is One and Your forefather is one. There is no virtue of  Arabs over non-Arabs nor virtue of non-Arabs over Arabs and neither red over black nor black over red except with the distinction of Taqwa.”

Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam has said, “Allah who is Rahmaan will show mercy to those who are merciful. Show mercy to those on earth and the one who is in the skies will show mercy to you.” (Bayhaqi)

The Arabs, prior to Islam, had deep-rooted enmity and hatred against one another. Islam is that beautiful way of life which brought mankind together in a most remarkable way. So great and so powerful was the message of Islam that such a strong bond was created between strangers, that they were even ready to lay down their lives for one another. The episode of the Muslim soldier, who is breathing his last but still willing to hand over water to his  brother groaning  next to him, speaks volumes on this Islamic brotherhood.

 The classical example of the beautiful teaching of Islam is also illustrated in the compassionate manner that the Ansaar of Madinatul Munawwarah treated the homeless and destitute Muhaajireen (Migrants). The Ansaar embraced them and opened their hearts and hands to such an extent that the migrants felt as if they were in their own homes with their own families. This gesture of kindness knew no barriers based on the grounds of colour, race etc and was displayed without any discrimination.

Unfortunately this spirit of true Islam has been lost due to which we are witnessing xenophobic attacks in our country where foreigners are being targeted and mercilessly looted, injured and even killed. These people have sought refuge in our country due to strife and hardships in their countries.
Allah Ta’aala has availed us Muslims, this opportunity to revive and demonstrate the beautiful qualities of our predecessors, the Ansaar of Madinatul Munawwarah by being compassionate, kind and helpful.

The Jamiatul Ulama once again urges all victims of xenophobic attacks to inform our offices and Insha-Allah, these will be taken up with the relevant authorities.

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