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Jamiat Projects

Malawi Quraan Distribution Report

Malawi Quraan Distribution Report On Friday September 07, 2012 a delegation of 7 members consisting of a doctor, an attorney, a few businessmen and an Alim from the Jamiat KZN Office departed from Masjid Hilaal for Malawi via road to oversee the distribution of Qur’an Shariefs a project of the …

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Qur’ans for Africa Project

Qur’ans for Africa Project: Latest: The Jamiat Team has returned safely from Malawi after distributing 4000 qurans.Full report to follow insha Allah Alhamdullilah, after the successful Sierra Leone Qur’an project, the Jamiat has received requests for Qur’ans from various countries in Africa. We are pleased to announce the launch of …

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Sierra Leone Qur’an Project Report

The Jamiatul Ulama(KZN) received a request from Imaam Ismail Musaally for assistance in supplying Sierra Leone, with Quran Sharifs due to the great scarcity of Qurans in that country. Imaam Ismail who hails from Sierra Leone, currently serves as an Imaam at Musjid Abdullah in Georgia, Atlanta, USA and often …

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Jamiat Projects and Activities 2011-2012

  International Projects undertaken 1. Pakistan Flood Relief was undertaken in the major flood disaster arrears of the Sindh province in Pakistan. Members of the Jamiat Shura personally distributed the relief and aid. Three major areas, Omar Cot, Badin and Thandu Muhammud Khan in the Sindh Province were the primary points of …

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