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It is a sunnah practice of our Nabi (saw) to visit the sick and we should make it a priority to visit the sick in our community and our family.

Visiting the sick helps us reflect and take heed as those that are sick are closer to Allah. They have no one to call on but Allah, nothing to reflect on but Allah, and their condition will remind us of how much we need to make shukr to Allah for our health.

In the days of Nabi (saw) visiting the sick was not limited to just friends and relatives but also strangers and non Muslims.
Today we find ourselves taking the easy route out… upon hearing that someone is sick, we say “I must phone so and so to find out how he is feeling”

Hadrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) reports that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,”On the Day of Qiyaamah, Allah Ta’ala will announce: O son of Aadam, I was sick yet you did not visit me. He will reply, ‘O Allah, how could I have visited You since you are Rabbul ‘aalameen? Allah Ta’ala will say: Did you not know that so and so slave of mine was sick, and yet you did not visit him? Should you have visited him you would have found Me by him ” [Sahih Muslim]

What we fail to remember is that apart from the tremendous rewards we stand to gain from Allah Ta’ala, we will also be bringing a smile to a fellow Muslim. The sick person is probably bored and feeling down and is most definitely looking forward to having some company and being surrounded by people that care. The fact that you visiting means you care, and that can have a major psychological impact in aiding the sick person along on his road to recovery. Inshallah.

When we visit the sick there are few etiquette we should follow and a few things we should bare in mind to ensure that we are not inconveniencing them in any way.

Call before you drop by

• Call the sick person or the family before hand to enquire as to what time is the best to visit
• if u are taking company Along, ask if it’s okay if that person visited
• If the sick person is in hospital adhere to the visiting times
• Also understand if the family opts to not allow visitors

Take a small gift along

• Think of something that the person would like and let it be practical

• It helps to take their age, health and dieter restrictions into consideration

Don’t overstay your visit

• Even though the patient might be enjoying your company keep your visit short. They might be feeling uncomfortable and might think it’s rude to tell you


• Don’t ask too many questions
• Remember you are there to lift their spirits, so keep the Conversation light
• If they want to speak about their experience, listen
• Choose your words wisely and cheer them up. Remind them of Allah’s mercy and how he tests the people he loves


• As Muslims we are truly blessed that we have a dua for every situation in our lives. Make dua for the sick person instead of saying get well soon
• Ask the sick person to make dua for you as the dua of a sick person is answered very easily

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