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Jamiatul Ulama KZN Meets with N.I.A.

Late last year Executive members of Jamiatul Ulama KZN and several Muslim businessmen met with three senior officials of the N.I.A. at the Jamiat offices.

The meeting discussed security matters in general and, especially, the rumours about a “Muslim terror threat” to the Soccer World Cup and the possibility of False – Flag Attacks which aim to alienate and demonise Muslims. Of particular concern was the work of agent provocateurs who are involved in an apartheid style campaign of disinformation.

The meeting also discussed among others, issues pertaining to:

a. The war on terror and that Islam detests terrorism more especially state terrorism;

b. Professor Solomon’s irrational utterances;

c. Enforced renditions;

d. ET-AL Security terrorism of Muslims at our airports;

Muslims are urged to remain vigilant against agents working for third forces who may want to recruit our youth to engage in creating mayhem in our country. The Jamiat reminds all Muslims that Islam prohibits us from acts of terrorism and the killing of innocent people.

It was agreed that an open communication between the Muslims and the N.I.A. would be maintained. We urge the Muslim community to be vigilant at all times and should anyone become aware of any suspicious activities, especially during the staging of the World Cup, they are requested to urgently contact the relevant authorities or our offices.

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