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Project H.E.L.P – Wheelchair Drive

The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote mobility and enhance quality of life for people who have difficulties in walking (e.g. a person with spinal cord injuries, amputees or muscular dystrophy etc.)


Wheelchair mobility opens up opportunities for wheelchair users and empowers them to study, work and engage in social activities and access services such as healthcare. In addition to providing mobility, an appropriate wheelchair benefits the physical health and quality of life of the users by helping in reducing common problems such as pressure sores, progression of deformities and improve respiration and digestion.




In light of the need to empower disabled members of the community, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Project H.E.L.P Wheelchair Drive identified such individuals with the view to improve their quality of life.


Our most recent drive took place on Monday 8th March 2021, when the team visited the rural areas of Hammarsdale and Kwa Nyusa.


The recipients of these wheelchairs were aged 8yrs old to 80yrs old, each one with varying disabilities such as:

  • Amputees
  • Muscle Dystrophy
  • Paralysed
  • Cerebral Palsy


The financial situation of these recipients and their families was heart touching as many have waited years to receive a wheelchair. They hire wheelchairs from local persons at an exorbitant price of R150.00 to go to the hospital or clinic.



With the generous donations from the community, the Project H.E.L.P team have distributed over 100 wheelchairs to individuals who are now able to mobilise with this vital piece of equipment.


May Allah Ta’ala use our humble efforts to benefit those in need and accept ours and the contribution of all our donors, volunteers and health professionals. Aameen.


Project H.E.L.P is an ongoing project undertaken at schools, orphanages, old age homes, homeless shelters and where emergency relief is required.


We humbly request all to make Dua that Allah Ta’ala grant success to this initiative.


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