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Tafseer of Surah Takaathur

Surah : 102

THEME :Amassing of Worldly benefits

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficial, The Most Merciful

1.    You are distracted by mutual competition in amassing (worldly benefits).
2.    Until you reach your graves.
3.    No! (This is not the correct attitude). You will soon know (the reality).
4.    Again, you will soon know.
5.    No! If you have had sure knowledge (of the hereafter, you would have not been so distracted).
6.    You will certainly see the fire of Jahannam.
7.    Then you will see it with an eye of certainty.
8.    Then you will be asked about all the pleasures (you enjoyed in the world).


The surah opens with Allah Ta’ala reminding man of his distractions from the hereafter by his mutual amassing of wealth i.e. vying with one another in amassing worldly benefits and the pleasures of this world. Thereafter, Allah Ta’ala turns His attention to the day when man would reach his grave. It is here that after witnessing the realities of the hereafter and the realities of the fire of Jahannam he will realize his folly. This is when the full realization of the insignificance and uselessness of all his amassed wealth will dawn upon him. The surah concludes with Allah Ta’ala reminding man that for every boon and favour bestowed upon him he will certainly be questioned about.


The Messenger of Allah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam is reported to have once asked the Sahaaba Ridwaanul laahi alaihim ajmaeen: “I s there anyone from amongst you who has the strength to recite a thousand verses a day?”. Sahaaba Ridwaanul laahi alaihim ajmaeen replied : “Who can recite a thousand verses a day?”. The Holy Prophet Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “Can you not recite Suratut-Takaathur?”. This implies that Suratut-Takaathur equals in weight and worth to a thousand verses, thus stressing its great importance. (Mazhari with reference to Hakim and Baihaqi on the authority of ibn Umar Radiyallaahu anhu).


We learn from this surah :

1.    The general state of man is that he is continuously distracted by mutual competition in amassing worldly commodities and thus becoming oblivious of his real and true purpose in life.
2.    Death, and leaving behind all that he has amassed is the harsh reality and inevitable.
3.    The death of every man is hovering above him whilst he is in a state of neglect with regards to his obligations to Allah Ta’ala.
4.    The Aakhira is for certain and therefore Jahannam is a reality.
5.    Man will be questioned for every favour and boon of Allah Ta’ala that he had enjoyed in this world.

Allah Ta’ala has created this world with all its beauty, adornments and attractions only as a vehicle to transport man from this transitory worldly life to the everlasting life of the Aakhira. Therefore, it would be irrational and absurd for man to make this world his permanent place of abode and harness all his efforts in making his stay herein as comfortable as possible. In the creation of man, Allah Ta’ala has offered man a greater and nobler objective which is devotion to Him (Ibaadah). Once man fulfills this objective of his creation, Allah Ta’ala lays down at his feet the dunyaa and all its resources as was in the case of Sahaaba Ridwaanul laahi alaihim ajmaeen. His efforts in the line of Dunyaa will have to be kept to a minimum for, because of him serving Allah Ta’ala, all his worldly needs will be taken care of by Allah Ta’ala Himself.

May Allah Ta’ala bring us to the realization that this world is nothing but a fleeting abode. May He continuously guide us in working towards the Aakhira and not making the world the sole object of our lives. Aameen

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