Cii Radio | 07 Shawaal 1436/24 July 2015

Action Items:

A)     Never give up on anyone and keep making dua for them no matter how ‘off-track’ they may seem.

B)      Attribute all good to Allah alone

C)      Taqwah, the fear and awareness of Allah creates respect in the hearts of people

D)     Simplicity and Sunnah, the expression of the love of RasulAllah SAW, will make one respected and love for no ulterior motives but purely because of the very character of the person.

E)      Hijaab and Niqaab were priorities and remain so even if the world says no. A respected women is one who is or should be covered.

The beloved SAW and his noble companions are in a jubilantly happy mood, they raise their voices in takbeer, their shouts of Allahu Akbar echo, united in acknowledging Allah’s greatness…

What was the reason for this unbridled joy?

Umar Bin Khattaab had accepted Islam. Allahu Akbar! The son of Khattaab who used to torture the Sahabah of RasulAllah and eventually decided he needed to kill Nabi SAW in order to bring Islam to a halt. He sets out on such an evil mission and returns as a Sahabi. SubhanAllah.

Nabi SAW recognised the quality and capabilities of Umar Bin Khattab RA while he was still a kaafir and made dua that Allah Ta’aala strengthen Islam with either Umar or Abu Jahl. Allah Ta’aala accepted the dua in favour of our Umar RA

At this time, the Muslims would pray in secret because the kuffar would torture them if they saw them engaged in the pursuit of Deen. However, Umar RA after his conversion, strides into the Musjidul Haraam and declares his belief in Allah and Allah’s messenger loudly, then challenges anyone to stand up to him who dares object to that and what did the Quraish do? They got up and ran to the other side of the Haram in fear and awe of Umar bin Khattab RA!

It was after Umar RA became part of the galaxy of Sahabah ,that the Muslims for the first time prayed without fear in the Haram. All because of one man! SubhanAllah! Such awe Allah Ta’aala placed in the hearts of His creation for His special slave Umar Faruq.


Nabi SAW said regarding him ‘ if there were (ever to be)a Nabi after me, it would have been Umar.’ Of course there was no chance of a Nabi after our beloved SAW but it was a statement to indicate the high status and righteousness of Umar RA.

When the command of hijrah was given, he migrated to Madina along with 20 others prior to Nabi SAW’s arrival. This hijrah caused great joy to the Ansaar RA.

Nabi SAW took Umar RA as one of his closest companions and confidantes. Thereby he became worthy of the position of Khilaafah. He was a man well known for his intuition ,foresight and justice. He had the honour of being the father in law of Nabi SAW, his daughter Hafsah RA was married to the beloved. He always had special regard for his daughter due to her nikah to Nabi SAW.

Our Umar RA was so strict on himself regarding Deen that not only people but the devil himself feared him!

Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas Narrated,

Umar bin Al-Khattab asked the permission of Allah’s Apostle to see him while some Quraishi women were sitting with him, talking to him and asking him for more expenses, raising their voices above the voice of Allah’s Apostle.

When ‘Umar asked for the permission to enter, the women quickly put on their veils..

Allah’s Apostle then allowed him to enter and ‘Umar came in while Allah’s Apostle was smiling, ‘Umar said “O Allah’s Apostle! May Allah always keep you smiling.”

The Prophet said, “These women who have been here, roused my wonder, for as soon as they heard your voice, they quickly put on their veils.”

‘Umar said, “O Allah’s Apostle! You have more right to be feared by them than I.” Then ‘Umar addressed the women saying, “O enemies of yourselves! You fear me more than you do Allah’s Apostle?!”

They said, “Yes, for you are harsher and sterner than Allah’s Apostle.”

Then Allah’s Apostle said, “O Ibn Al-Khattab! By Him in Whose Hands my life is! Never does Satan find you going on a way, but he takes another way other than yours.”

Source: Sahih Bukhari

Umar (RA) was such a great companion that even the Qur’an was revealed on his account or in conjunction with his thoughts;

A)The verse of Hijab was revealed as result of Umar’s (RA) desire to see Muslim women (particularly the wives of the Prophet) veiled in order for their own benefit and protection.

B)The prayer behind the Maqam of Ibrahim next to the Ka’bah after Tawaf was initiated and revealed based on Umar’s (RA) actions.

C)The verse advising the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him) about being good to him was revealed based on Umar’s (RA) council to the wives.

His Khilafah was for 10 years and it was the golden era of Islam. Where justice was maintained and Islam rapidly became the most dominant force on earth, through the permission of Allah.

Although he was the leader of the hugest empire of his time, he lived such a simple life that even senior Sahaba were moved to address him about it.


People approached Ummul-momineen Hafsah (ra), ‘Umar’s daughter, and requested her to ascertain ‘Umar’s reaction to the suggestion without mentioning their names to him. When Hafsah talked about it to ‘Umar, he became angry and said, “Who are the persons making this suggestion?”


Hafsah said, “Let me first know your opinion.”

‘Umar said, “If I knew them, I would smite them on their faces Hafsah! Just tell me what was the Prophet’s best dress in your house?”

Hafsah replied, “It was a pair of reddish brown clothes, which the Prophet SAW wore on Friday or while receiving some envoy.”

‘Umar then asked, “What was the best of food that the Prophet SAW ever took at your house?”

Hafsah replied, “Simple barley bread was the only food we used to take. One day I anointed a piece of bread with the sediments from an empty butter tin, and he ate it with relish and offered it to others as well.”

‘Umar asked again, “What was the best bedding that the Prophet ever used in your house?”

Hafsah again replied, “It was a piece of thick cloth. In the summer it was spread in four layers, and in the winter in two, half he spread underneath and with the other half he covered himself.”

‘Umar said, “Hafsah! Go and tell these people that the Prophet SAW has set a standard by his personal example. I must follow him. My example and that of my other two companions, the Prophet SAW and Abu Bakr (ra) is like that of three men travelling on the same road. The first man started with a provision and reached the goal. The second followed the first and joined him. Now the third is on his way. If he follows their way, he will also join them, otherwise he can never reach them.”

Allahu Akbar, this was what made Umar RA a giant of Islam who till today we feel the greatness of his character touch our hearts.