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RAVE CULTURE : The culture of Shaytaan

Addressing shaytaan, Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’aanul Kareem :
“And incite whosoever you are able to with your voice*” (Suratul Israa, verse 64)
* Commentators of Qur’aan have interpreted the voice of shaytaan as songs, musical instruments and all those things that invite towards the disobedience of Allah Ta’ala.

From the above verse of the Qur’aanul Kareem we learn that music, songs, and all other entertainments are the handiworks of the accursed shaytaan who is an avowed enemy of the Mu’min. These are his ploys and snares to trap the Mu’min and lure him to the disobedience of Allah Ta’ala thereby fulfilling his promise to Allah Ta’ala that he will surely lead mankind astray by taking it away from His remembrance.

Hadrat Abu Huraira Radiyallaahu anhu reports that Rasullulaah Sallalaahu alaihi wasallam said : “Hasten towards good deeds before such dreadful fitnahs (trials or evils) prevail like a portion of a dark night. A person will get up in the morning as a Mu’min (believer) and retire in the evening as a Kaafir (disbeliever). Likewise he will be a Mu’min in the evening and at daybreak he will be a Kaafir. He will sell his Deen (religion) for a paltry sum of this world”. (Muslim)

From the above Hadeeth and many other Ahadeeth of Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam  
we learn that many evils and trials will come like the falling of beads from a broken rosary or necklace. People will lose their Imaan and not even realize this. They will sell their Imaan in exchange of some temporary pleasure, enjoyment, and worldly gains. Due to involvement in certain dark activities, a person will be removed from the fold of Islam. He will portray himself to be a muslim, having a muslim name, living in a muslim home, visit the Musjid and be even buried in a Muslim cemetery but sadly, on the day of Qiyaamah will not be regarded as a muslim in the court of Allah Ta’ala. This will be due to his involvement and participation in detestable and abhorrent actions.

*From the above we understand that a person will regard himself to be from amongst the Mu’mineen, but due to his indifference to Deen and his indulgence in Haraam he will be shocked to discover that he has been excluded from the Mu’mineen on the Day of Qiyaamah.

There are many instances of people losing their Imaan without even realizing it. These are masterminded by our avowed enemy shaytaan and his agents. One of the latest  traps designed by shaytaan is the rave club in which most unfortunately many a muslim youth has fallen into, totally oblivious of its Imaan destroying and damning ability.

What is a Rave Club???

A club or disco is referred to as the temple of unlimited pleasure. The inside is dark, with laser lights shooting in all different directions. At times all the lights go off and only one white light flashes periodically. There are different levels of the dance floors and different sections and rooms. The main dance floor is called the engine room or the “box”. In addition to the above are V.I.P. lounges, chill rooms, and other little rooms.

On the dance floor people will dance, standing in rows and facing the DJ just as we stand facing the Qiblah in Salaah. Strange enough the club 330 at Point was towards the direction of Qiblah. The entire crowd will dance for hours on end as if they are devotedly engaged in some form of  “worship”. These dance moves have names like “packing the shelf”, “cleaning the window”, “kicking the Harley Davidson” and many other names.

The DJ who stands or sits in a cage or within a glass room  totally controls the crowds with his music. At certain selected times all the laser lights go off, it gets extremely dark, a red light in the DJ’s booth comes on, the music becomes “hard” until it reaches its peak and the crowd goes crazy. They start screaming hysterically, crying, shouting and some even fall prostrate before the DJ or at some clubs before the pictures of the devil plastered on the wall.

The DJ does not regard himself as a disc jockey or one who mixes sound. He regards himself as a technical wizard and his job as a craft (witchcraft). In a book the “Altered State” by Mathew Collin, it is stated that DJ’s were contemporary Shamans (witchdoctors), leading their intoxicated and totally inebriated congregation on a trip to the unknown.

Shamans according to the Collins dictionary is, “ A witchdoctor or a priest of Shamanism which is a religion of Northern Asia based on a belief in good and evil spirits who can only be controlled by the Shamans”. In simple terms these acts are translated into “Satanic worship”.

In the “Altered State” they also write that “The Rave scene is the first step to re-awakening, you dance for long hours to Shamanic tribal drumming that clears your head of all your previous conditioning and your mind is opened. Then you’ve got to re-programme it with a different philosophy- obviously the philosophy of Shaytaan. This re-programming is done through music.

In the next issue . The composition of Rave Music.

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